14 Ways To Modernize Your Home Without Major Renovations

Modernize Home

We all yearn for the coziness of a well-designed house. If you don’t know the difference between a table saw and a drill, you can’t be a do-it-yourselfer. Of course, the latter group might pay someone to remodel their houses, but that would be untidy and pricey.

Renovations can be expensive and messy, as anybody who has done one knows. How can we modernize your home without substantial renovations? This post will walk you through fourteen ways to modernize your home without renovating it, so let’s get started without further ado.

1. Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Kitchen Renovation

If you want to raise the value of your house, Consumer Reports recommends making “contemporary” kitchen modifications like stainless steel and quartz worktops or Shaker cabinetry. Sidney Torres, anchor of CNBC’s “The Deed,” suggests consulting local real estate agents and architects for advice. Before hiring a contractor, check out their previous work. Do your homework before signing the contract.

Kitchen Renovation

2. Classic Hardwood Is the Best Option

There is no doubt that buyers and homeowners alike appreciate the beauty, warmth, and sturdiness that hardwood floors provide to a house. According to Realtor.com, adding a new wood floor may raise the selling price by up to 2.5%.

3. Decorate Your Backyard

Building a deck is a great way to add square footage to modernize your home while avoiding constructing additional walls. A 500-square-foot patio can accommodate your new grill and outdoor furniture needs if you’re on a tight budget.

Decorate Your Backyard

4. Revitalize the Master Bath

There is a lot of renovation in the bathroom, which is unusual for a bit of area. It’s up to you whether or not you want to spend a lot of money on a complete redesign of your master bathroom, including new fixtures, tub, flooring, cabinets, worktops, and lighting.

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5. Give Your Windows a Fresh Perspective

There are several ways that foggy, out-of-date windows may negatively impact your home’s exterior appeal, light intake, energy efficiency, and even outside air. Be mindful that younger purchasers are more concerned with environmental issues, yet most people like a little light coming into their homes.

6. Repaint the Outside of Your House

Your home’s exterior might benefit significantly from a new coat of paint. Exterior paint is unbeatable in terms of value for money. The possibilities with color are almost limitless: any hue you can conjure up is a genuine possibility.

7. Enliven the Scenery

Landscaping is one of the most important home improvement projects when you want to maximize your return on investment. Additionally, it helps avoid costly damage, such as falling tree branches and mildew, while enhancing the home’s appearance. As a safety net and a little green marketing, Consumer Reports estimates that it may raise the value of modernizing your home by up to 5%.

8. Prepare the Garage

The garage door isn’t the best place to start to improve your home’s exterior appeal. However, according to Remodeling magazine’s 2019 Cost vs. Value analysis, replacing your garage door may repay almost 98 percent of your investment. If you don’t have a garage, you may want to think about remodeling an outbuilding like a shed instead.

garage door

9. Build a Patio

Summer barbeques, balmy nighttime wine tastings, and open areas where children and dogs may play are all precious. While a patio costs money, it is not frivolous and can be considered an investment in your well-being.

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10. Allow Your Mind — And Your Floorplan — To Breathe

One of the most important things you can do to improve the look and feel of a tiny area is to make it seem more open. You should first consult with a structural expert, then do rid of the pass-through walls and consider building new nooks and flexible areas in your home. According to Consumer Reports, this may increase the value of your property by as much as 6%.

11. Increase the Power of Your Kitchen Appliances

Appliances should never be overlooked while remodeling a kitchen. The refrigerator and stove are the heart of the kitchen, and obsolete models seem archaic and diminish the quality of the food you store or prepare. Appliances that won’t need to be replaced in the next few years or months are likewise sought for by homebuyers. It’s possible to get a lot of value and efficiency from a kitchen by replacing the equipment.

12. Include Some Shelves

Maybe it’s because of the small house obsession, but something is fulfilling about a place with several built-in storage niches. Value survey, contemporary features like Shaker cabinets have an average return on investment of almost 81 percent.

include some shelves

13. Renovate Your Room

According to the National Association of Realtors, one project that makes homeowners happy is remodeling their master bedroom. Although this area is a significant selling point for a house, it is typically overlooked as a remodeling job.

Renovating your bedroom with new paint, trim, lighting, flooring, and storage solutions may increase the resale value of your home while also improving your quality of life.

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14. Driveway Rejuvenation

Consider the cost of a thorough evaluation of your driveway as a necessary maintenance item. As a practical matter, it serves as a safeguard for that other significant investment—the automobile.

The second reason is that a well-kept and renovated driveway, free of cracks and ugly weeds, can enhance your home’s curb appeal and help prevent deterioration.

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