6 All-Natural Walls flaunting Green Wall Architecture

Green Wall Architecture

Green walls have a natural captivating charisma you won’t find in any other brick, stone or concrete wall! And the result is always enthralling; whether they sprout naturally or a designer chooses to do a plant-themed wall.

You definitely have little to worry about when vegetation springs naturally from your hem, but it may sound like an awkward idea to have a natural foliage wall.

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Still, the designers behind these spellbinding green wall architecture chose vegetation as their theme, and nailed it! You’ll also be surprised how plants can help you achieve a nature-inspired color palette.

The Many Pros of Green Wall Architecture

foliage wall

A foliage wall demonstrates utmost love and appreciation for life, but it doesn’t take a conservationist to fall head over heels for their aesthetics.

Green walls are not only cherished for their good looks, apart from natural beauty, they offer other benefits such as;

Green wall

plant wall

  • Filtering city noise pollution,
  • Cleansing the air
  • Reinforcing the thermo-regulatory properties of a structure
  • Contributing to the acoustic insulation of a construction

Green wall achitecture

Plus, with plant-growing technologies getting better, maintaining a vertical garden is no longer a hassle. In fact, you can automate watering as we shall see below.

6 All-Natural Walls You Should See

incredible buildings with green wall architecture

Discover the six incredible buildings with green wall architecture to inspire your love for nature.

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1. Universidad del Claustro, Mexico City

Universidad del Claustro, Mexico City


Mexico City’s private campus, Universidad del Claustro is, hands down, one of the instances when plants proved how effective they can be in our walls.

Universidad’s foliage wall looks more like a fluffy carpet on a wall. The designer manages to achieve a carpet look, texture and patterns (even if that wasn’t his motive).

Universidad del Claustro, Mexico City

The wall blends different green plants (in color and texture) maintaining a calm nature-inspired palette. And to signify that vertical gardens defy the forces of nature, the architect added a free-standing mountain bike and baby’s tricycle to his green wall


2. Musée du Quai Branly, Paris

Musée du Quai Branly, Paris


Well, maybe Universidad’s wall looks charming but it isn’t as tall and noticeable as the Paris-based Quai Branly Museum.

The tall structure flaunts a plant-dominated façade broken by well-spaced metallic window with glass mirrors.

Musée du Quai Branly, Paris


The Glass mirrors contrast perfectly with the thick greenery forming a jungle house in the city center.

Quai Branly was originally created by Patrick Blanc in 2014 but was redone 2 years ago. This vertical garden features more than 350 diversities, of over 14000 plants, gathered from all corners of the planet.

Patrick Blanc is a master of green wall architecture, he boasts several other magnificent upright gardens. He’s also behind the next foliage wall—which happens to be one of the largest jungle houses in the world.

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3. CaixaForum Museum, Madrid


Madrid, Spain hosts one of the most enormous wall gardens ever. The 4950 square feet garden hosts more than 1450 plants (from over 200 species).

Patrick Blanc also took advantage of the hydroponics mechanism to keep plants alive throughout Spain’s unforgiving summers.

Musée du Quai Branly, Paris

This approach does not use soil to grow greens and employs a complex watering system (built into the wall) to keep plants adequately moist all through.


4. Edmonton International Airport, Canada

Edmonton International Airport, Canada

Edmonton International Airport, Canada


Whether you are arriving or taking off, you’ll be privileged to catch a glance of the vertical garden at Edmonton International Airport in Canada.

The modern-day foliage wall, done by Mike Weinmaster, covers over 1400 square feet and signifies the institution’s dedication to eco-friendly architecture.

Edmonton’s green vertical garden blends over 30 plant diversities and its maintenance process is hassle-free. The greens get their moisture from a fiber mat while landscaping happens once per month.


5. Changi Airport Terminal 3, Singapore

Changi Airport Terminal 3, Singapore

Changi Airport Terminal 3, Singapore


It seems like the designers behind Changi Airport were after an all green indoor design

The section hosts has over a hundred thousand live plants (more than 55 species) and many gardens—you could get swept away and forget you’re in an airport.

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With a wall garden that extends almost 3 football-fields long, the greenery scene really has a lot to offer for every pair of eyes.


6. Western Wall of Saks Fifth Avenue, Florida

Western Wall of Saks Fifth Avenue, Florida

Western Wall of Saks Fifth Avenue, Florida


Again, inspired by the works of Patrick Blanc is a 10, 900-plant vertical green wall commissioned by the Ex-leader of Garden Club of Palm beach.

The small island city known for its wealthy background threw a whopping a quarter million ($250,000 into the project) which was only a tiny cut of its million-dollar street remodeling budget.



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