Amazing Modern Kloff Road House in Bedfordview, Johannesburg, South Africa


This amazing Kloff Road House in South Africa, is a modern house with a very specific and attractive look. The chief designers responsible for this house are Nico van der Meulen Architects and M Square Lifestyle Design. The home owners asked them for a unique house plan for a big and spacious home that can accommodate their big family.

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Therefore the architects and the designer made their dream reality and made them this house which gives them the maximum indoor and outdoor spaces that are connected and have amazing atmosphere for entertaining, relaxing and reconnecting with friends and family.

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With every room in the house opening outdoors, linking the home with the landscaped garden, indoor/outdoor living is guaranteed. Werner van der Meulen used morphed steels forms that wrap around and frame the structure by the use of parasitic architecture. From the street, the boldly designed off-shutter boundary wall with black steel shapes creeping over predicts that this is no ordinary piece of architecture.

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The black steel sliding garage doors of the four new garages that were added on top of the existing house, combine with the sculptural steel forms of the guard house and porte cochere. Diagonal strip lights featured within the wall of the entrance create an abstract pattern at night that guides visitors to the entrance gate.

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Steel, glass and concrete are prominently used in Kloof Road House and have been integrated into the design, from the boundary wall all the way to the interior. The angled steel roof of the entrance hall overhangs the double volume window and glass front door at the entrance, while the sculptural steel staircase is visible behind the window.


Photos credit: David Ross & Barend Roberts


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