Trends in Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer

A living room with wood floors.

The recovery of the flooring industry has seen the need for luxurious and modern concepts rise, with consumers constantly looking for more.

Hardwood Flooring in particular is being quite popular in finishes given its aesthetic appeal. The use of hardwood flooring in homes has become flexible with a wide range of additions and changes expected to characterize the hardwood industry.

Hardwood flooring adds warmth to the space’s interior and is stylish and chic blending well with a wide range of furniture options. This type of flooring never goes out of style and refinishing it is possible to keep up with developing trends after a few years to give it back its luster.

Hardwood flooring manufacturers are deriving unique and innovative ways to stay ahead of the market industry and maintain a rigid client base. The development of waterproof wood line products is on the rise, with manufacturers striving to offer real wood veneers with high-density fiber cores into their flooring.

The incorporation of high proprietary technology that protects the flooring from external influences such as dents or scratches is also highly common. All these changes are to offer the consumers a choice in performance and costs when it comes to their flooring needs.

Hardwood flooring manufacturers seek to observe the developing trends in the market by observing designers and furniture producers. However, the effect of social media and online influencers has changed the hardwood flooring market, with manufacturers being put in a position to ascertain which trends to follow and which ones to put aside.

However, distributors and retailers can influence specific trends by endorsing certain flooring techniques and designs. Other manufacturers are seeking to engage directly with the consumers to get a feel of their preference in color, size, shape, species, and textures of the hardwood flooring, to be able to curate the best possible products for them.

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Through the consumer data, manufacturers can discover the overall taste in blends and work with producers effectively. Some trends are mostly regional while others transcend across borders.

With the different types of hardwood flooring in the industry, there are some changes in some that are what looking into:

  • Engineered hardwood

This type of hardwood has a medium-density fiberboard or a high-density fiberboard in its center which supports it. The top of the hardwood has a thin veneer layer made of manmade materials which protect the fiberboard from damage. These distinct properties have made this hardwood a consumer favorite with manufacturers having no intention of slowing down production shortly.

  • Reclaimed hardwood

Reclaimed hardwood comprises recycled building materials from timbers, barns, and barrels to create unique and durable flooring. Finding recyclable material, however, is becoming increasingly difficult due to the high demand for reclaimed hardwood. However, reclaimed hardwood remains the most sought after due to its distinct and different exterior.

  • Flooring treatments

Different treatments such as fumed floors or torched flooring are becoming popular. The torched flooring consists of circular or dotted patterns which have been made by a torch to create a rustic and authentic look. Fumed floors are passed through ammonia to darken them and bring the grain into focus naturally. These options give the floor a natural distinction while enhancing the beauty of the hardwood species.

Trends in hardwood flooring

With different varieties and types to choose from, there are developing trends that have made hardwood flooring popular in the market today:

  • Mix and match concept

The use of hardwood flooring together with other flooring concepts such as tiles, stone, or metal flooring can bring out immaculate concepts and designs to the home. This concept helps in bringing out the rustic design of the hardwood floor while highlighting its versatility with other flooring options. This can be incorporated in different rooms to define the mood and purpose of the room.

  • Wider plank flooring

The use of the standardized slimmer plank is gradually being replaced by wider and fuller planks. These create an extensive look and make the room feel bigger. Consumers are also incorporating random planks of different widths into their interior to dazzle up space and create an asymmetrical finish.

  • Multiple hardwood species

The traditional single species design is slowly fading away, with more consumers seeking the versatility and uniqueness of incorporating multiple pieces into the interior. This gives every room a different aesthetic and mood. The use of different species can also be used in the same room as a border or as a distinct element.

  • Darker hardwood preferences

The increase in demand for darker hardwood species is increasing bringing back the dark flooring trend. Lighter species are being refinished with more consumers opting for darker flooring. The dark hardwood provides an avenue for décor manipulation and aesthetic which will brighten up the room in a chic defined style.

  • Textured hardwood options

Textured hardwood is becoming inherently popular with modifications being made in the factory to produce distressed patterns on the flooring. This trend is also ideal for aged hardwood flooring which has developed dents and scratches as it camouflages the worn-out exterior by giving it a new look.

  • Non-linear installation

The mode of installation is also changing when it comes to hardwood flooring. Non-linear installation is becoming popular with custom designs from the factory making it possible to achieve this look. Previously installed hardwood flooring can also be manipulated by changing the pattern into a curve to create a different aesthetic.

  • Stains and finishes

Hardwood manufacturers are seemingly incorporating distinct stains and finishes into hardwood flooring to give it a different look. For instance, gray stains of different finishes are a welcome addition that is becoming popular. Metallic finishes are also a new concept that gives the flooring a shiny and shimmery exterior.

  • Recyclable materials

Hardwood manufacturers are listening to the needs of the consumers who are becoming aware of the kind of materials the flooring comprises of. As a result, consumers are gravitating towards flooring options made of recyclable material and those which are not harmful to the environment.

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