Minimalistic Norwegian Home Built on a Budget: Casa Kolonihagen


Located in Stavanger, Norway, Casa Kolonihagen by Tommie Wilhelmsen was especially developed as a summer holiday residence and accommodates a small bed and a living area. The project reflects the modern Scandinavian way of life- not too flashy, nor too common, balance being a major factor of the design.

Believe it or not, this contemporary architecture gem has only 24 square meters of inside living space. But this is probably not an issue for the inhabitants, as they likely spend most times outdoors, in the beautiful green surroundings.

casa-kolonihagen-1 casa-kolonihagen-19 casa-kolonihagen-18 casa-kolonihagen-17 casa-kolonihagen-16

casa-kolonihagen-15 casa-kolonihagen-14 casa-kolonihagen-13 casa-kolonihagen-12 casa-kolonihagen-11 casa-kolonihagen-10

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