Why to choose green roofing system


Deciding on sustainable green roof you make a deliberate choice to protect the nature and to live better. With the following lines you’ll see how the green roofing systems achieve that.

Starting with the environmental advantages we have to put the air quality on the first place. We all know that plants reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and produce oxygen and that’s how the green roofs cleanse the polluted air. This is especially convenient for urban areas if there are no green spaces.

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Furthermore, the green roofs help to the biodiversity as well. They offer a refuge for many insects like spiders and bees, who have lost their natural habitats.


Another benefit is the great sound and water insulation. The green roofing system absorbs the rainwater without allowing it to leak into the house, because of the construction of the roof, which consists of different layers of soil, different plants and a waterproof membrane. All of that can also act as a noise insulation barrier – another good thing to have when living in the big city.


Moreover, the green roofs keep steady indoor temperature, which means that you’ll save from cooling during the summer, and from heating during the winter.


Not only that, but green roofs moderate the Urban Heat Island Effect, which means that the heat in the city during the summer is reduced by the plants through the evaporation cycle. The Green roofs can also reduce the dust distribution, as well as the producing of smog. That could make a massive change with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and could overall ameliorate the life in the urban areas.

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With all of these in mind, you could surely see the advantages of the green roofs over the other roofing systems. After that, the choice is yours.


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