Top 5 Unique and Practical Home Décor Hacks 2019

A home decor featuring a gray couch and a coffee table.

There is no disputing that putting a roof over your family’s heads is a necessity. But most people want more than that. They want a space that feels personalized. Turn your house into a home with your own unique flair. Decorating on a money and time budget can become stressful. We have collected five easy, inexpensive and practical home décor hacks for you.

Contact Paper

Decorating in neutral tones is always safe, but some rooms just need a bold statement piece. Use contact paper in places that could use a pop of color or fun statement design. Contact paper can be added to backsplash in your kitchen, tabletops, the back wall of bookshelves, and even doorways. Contact paper is easy to remove, so you can always trade out designs to keep your home feeling fresh.

Cheap to Chic

The dollar store has a section with vases and decorative glass dishes. Take a candlestick and hot glue a decorate dish on top. Placed it by the front door to put keys in, or filled it with mints and place in the guest bathroom. You can also take a regular glass vase and spruce it up with paint, ribbons, rhinestones, or anything else you have lying around the house. Tie a ribbon around it and add potpourri to make for a festive centerpiece.

Hide electronics

A tangled bunch of TV cords never looks good. Not to mention, they can be a safety hazard for curious kids or teething puppies. Hide your cords, video game controllers, remotes or Wi-Fi routers in a way that also adds to the atmosphere of your home. Use wicker baskets, vintage trunks, shabby chic hatboxes or wooden crates. Stick them on top of, under, or next to your entertainment center.

Moving with Kids

Keep Clean

The simplest way to make a home look put-together is to keep it neat and tidy. Of course, this is easier said than done. Between children running around and having to rush from school pick-ups to grocery shopping, finding time to clean is a chore on its own. The Roborock S6 black robot is a lifesaver when it comes to keeping your house clean. The best part is you do not even have to do the cleaning yourself. Just activate the Roborock Vacuum Robot from an app on your phone and the robot will do all the vacuuming and mopping for you.

Dress up lampshades

See a lamp that is for sale at an amazing price but won’t go with any of your furniture? Paint it yourself! Spray paint the base in a neutral color that will match the rest of the room you plan to put it in. Or you can spruce up a bland lampshade with stripes or polka dots by using stencils. You can even freehand a unique design. Add gold or silver to glitter to the inside of the lampshade so the light reflects even more brightly.

A little creativity goes a long way. Not every inch of your home has to be elegantly decorated in the latest home décor trends, but with a little effort, you can totally transform your living space.

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