How to Give Your Home Christmas Curb Appeal 

A front porch adorned with Christmas lights and garlands showcasing Christmas curb appeal.

There’s so much to love about the festive season and the holidays; ending the year on a high note, looking forward to quality time with family and friends, Christmas gifts and of course, Christmas decorations! Having your home decked out in awesome in Christmas decor is a fun bonding experience for you and your family and a chance to flex your creative muscles. 

You’ve seen the houses on television, the ones that look like it took days and Martha Stewart to make the Christmas decor happen. If you and your family want to get into the Christmas spirit and make your home look stunning and put it in all its Christmassy glory, it can be intimidating to know where to even start. Well, you don’t have to worry. In this handy guide, we’ll show you how to decorate your home for the holidays and make it stand out on your whole street. Once you’re ready to start decorating, head over to Decorator’s Warehouse website to get inspired on everything you need to start the Christmas cheer.

Clean Up

What’s the point of having a house with stunning decorations if the front yard looks messy and neglected? A well-kept home exterior and yard is the perfect canvas for whatever fabulous decor ideas you come up with. This includes having well-cut grass, a clean porch and no sight of rusty mailboxes or neglected paving. Get all this stuff taken care of, and every other part of the process will be great. 

Make Your Roof Pop

Your roof is what can really elevate the decor you have on your porch and front yard, and if you’re really committed to a huge transformation for Christmas, don’t ignore it. Making your roof stand out doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, with strings of green, red and white outdoor fairy lights, you can create a stunning visual effect with minimal effort. You can also add lights shaped like reindeer and stars to really make the look pop. If you or someone in your home is going to put up the lights on the roof, it’s very important to make sure the roof is sturdy, and calling in an expert if necessary. 

Useful ideas for decorating small living spaces

According to Blue Bonnet Roofing, a company that specializes in roofing in Austin TX, “One of the biggest mistakes we see people make is getting on their roof without being sure of its structural integrity. Not only can it potentially damage your home, more importantly, it will expose you to great risk of injury.” It’s a lot better to have peace of mind when putting up decorations, rather than just trying to do something that can get you injured. 

Put Christmas Decorations Into the Greenery

You can easily make a visual impact by including Christmas decor in your landscaping. If you have a water feature, you can add Christmas-colored lights inside the water so that it looks extra special. You can include a Christmas tree in the front yard and decorate it with battery-powered lights. You can even get solar-powered lights to really save on energy costs. These are all special things we can do to really bring the Christmas spirit into the curb appeal of your home.   

Paint It

If you’re really feeling committed to Christmas decorations this year, why not show it with a bit of paint? If you really have time, you could paint red, white and green stripes on your porch pillars, or red on your steps. This is the only time of the year you can go this bright without it being seen as tacky, so why not go for it?

Day & Night Appeal

The coolest thing you can do with your exterior Christmas decor is make sure it looks good both during the day and when it gets dark. During the day, you just need lots of green decorated with red ribbons, or even daytime running lights that can pop when the sun is out. Shiny tinsel will also really make an impact if you want the outside of your home to dazzle during the day. 

Balcony for rest and enjoyment - decoration tips

As you gear up on Christmas decorations and plans, remember, the outside of your house can be a lot of fun to work on. If you do it well enough, your yard will be something that spreads the Christmas cheer and really makes people smile when they drive or walk by. Think about affordable items that can make a huge impact, and don’t forget to add some personality to it because that will make it stand out even more. Ultimately, Christmas is a time to have a lot of fun, and do something more memorable as a family. What’s more memorable than making your front yard look amazing, and even turning it into a family tradition! 

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