5 Home Renovations Before You List Your Home

Before and after pictures of a small bedroom showcasing home renovations.

Homes need constant upkeep to keep them looking amazing, but if your house is at least a few decades old, expect it to show signs of wear and tear. If you’re planning to sell an older home that’s not in perfect condition, you might want to consider making home renovations first to improve its selling price. 

However, before you make renovations, don’t forget to plan according to your budget, your goals, and the extent of repairs needed. First, take a look at the categories of poor home conditions to help you assess your property and determine the extent of repairs or renovation needed.

Categories Of Poor Home Conditions

If you’re selling a house in poor condition, do a quick overall inspection to see how ‘poor’ it really is. Here are the three categories:

  • Uninhabitable – This refers to a house that has serious plumbing and electrical problems, mold or termite infestation, non-functioning HVAC systems, or extensive roof damage.
  • Fair Condition – Shows obvious signs of wear and tear, which commonly includes foundation issues. It also usually has an outdated or broken kitchen and bathroom fixtures and tiles.
  • Old But Good – Older homes that still have a solid structural foundation but could use some general minor repairs. This home can have overgrown or dead landscaping, dirty floors, dirty or peeling paint, and dirty interiors. 

While you can sell any home as-is, you can also make home renovations and improve its resale value significantly. 

If you prefer to do repairs and renovations, here are 5 home renovation ideas you can add to your “to-do” list before you list your home. When you tackle these jobs, you’ll make more money when you sell your home!

Creating a Tropical Paradise at Home

It’s important to command the best dollar for your renovation budget. This is because home buyers want to see amenities and upgrades, and a lot of them. As the housing market is hot right now, you must deliver what they want! In the long run, you’ll get your money back and more!


Kitchen Renovation

Most homebuyers expect a fabulous kitchen. Give it to them and they’ll offer you more money.

Before and after pictures of a kitchen with white cabinets.
Painting kitchen cabinets – an instant facelift!
Before and after pictures of a home renovation.
This homeowner painted the cabinets, upgraded the appliances, and invested in countertops. Indeed, smartly done! |Soul Style Canada

Master Suite

Make your master suite feel “master-worthy.” While a full-scale remodel may not be necessary, homebuyers want a clean and relaxing space to unwind after work.

Before and after pictures of a bedroom showcasing home renovations.
This homeowner added fresh paint, new furniture,, and simple accessories for a clean, simple look. |Teeny Ideas
Before and after bedroom renovation photos.
The owner transformed this room with new walls and bedding. Indeed, a fresh clean look.|Freshome

Storage Space

Buyers want storage space for their things. If your closets are over-stuffed, give them a closet makeover. Organize and add shelving to make the closets this much-needed update.

Before and after pictures of a home closet renovation.
Don’t be skimpy on closet shelving! | SSS Custom Closets
Before and after pictures of a closet after home renovations.
In fact, if you have a neater closet, it looks larger. Use closed drawers for extra organization.| Pilot Project

Bathroom Remodel

The second most important space, after the kitchen, is the bathroom. Buyers want to move right is without the trouble of a renovation.

A bathroom before and after home renovation.
In addition to a kitchen makeover, the bathroom is ultra-important. | NRC Bathroom
A home bathroom transformation after renovation.
Buyers strongly prefer an updated bath.|Addicted2Decorating

Laundry Room

Last but not least, buyers want the convenience of a well-planned laundry room.

Before and after photos of home renovations in a laundry room.
They added a smart shelf for folding clothes, wallpapered, and added storage.|The Shabby Nest
Before and after photos of a laundry room home renovations project.
In this case, an unfinished laundry room was completed once and for all! | My Love 2 Create

If you complete the renovations before you list your home, buyers will be pleased.

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