Top Reasons As To Why A Cover For Your Swimming Pool Is So Important

A pool with a swimming pool cover.

When you build a swimming pool, it brings along numerous equipment and add-ons required for your pool. An important add-on for your pool is a pool cover that needs to be installed to protect your pool. Pool owners often wonder if they need a pool cover and question the importance of owning. The answers to all the doubts and questions can be found in this article as it will take you through the best reasons to own a pool cover for your swimming pool. If you want to spend less money and keep your swimming pool usable for a long period, it is never too late to buy a pool cover.

There is a wide variety of pool covers based on materials and plans. These can give extra advantages to pool owners, like lessening cleaning prerequisites, decreasing synthetic use, and giving safety measures to stay away from the dangers of drowning or accidentally falling.

Reasons As To Why A Cover For Your Swimming Pool Is So Important

Helps In Keeping The Pool Clean And Hygienic

Keeping your pool open not only makes the water dirty but cleaning your pool every day of leaves and debris can be troublesome too. These objects are also likely to ruin the interior surface of your pool by creating algae when they float down to the base. When you put up a cover, fallen leaves will stay on top of the cover and won’t wind up in your skimmer basket. Leaves and twigs can cause stream blockages whenever left unattended. Besides these, you’ll be required to drain the water very often.

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To lighten the burden of keeping your pool clean and hygienic, covering your pool with a pool cover will keep away toys, leaves, random objects, etc., from falling into the water.

Maintains The Temperature Of The Water During Winter

During cold nights or winter, an open pool will lower the temperature of the water, keeping you away from swimming. To avoid that, covering your pool will help retain the heat, keeping the water warm for you to swim all year round.

Retention of heat occurs because a swimming pool depends on the sun for heat. Covering the pool during the evening can make it sufficiently warm to swim in the following day, rather than losing all the warmth at night when the temperatures drop.

Reduces Chemical Consumption

It is an obvious fact that almost all pool owners use chemicals or cleaning agents to keep the pool clean and hygienic. An open pool cannot keep away dirt and fallen leaves or debris, so it becomes necessary to use chemicals for cleaning the pool. However, too many chemicals not only cost you a fortune but also have certain side effects. These chemicals can react with your body while swimming.

For this reason, covering your pool when not in use can be cost-effective by reducing the number of chemicals used in your swimming pool.

Saves The Cost Of Maintenance

The best and most efficient way to save money from maintaining your swimming pool is to own a pool cover. You are likely to spend a huge amount of money yearly on the maintenance cost if your pool is open to dirt and waste filling your pool. Covering your pool will keep your water cleaner and hygienic than keeping it open.

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You will prevent huge cash flow from your wallet by owning a pool cover. This can reduce the amount of energy you use for warming the pool as well as the quantity of water used for draining and refilling. Besides those, owning a pool cover can also reduce the amount of synthetic compounds applied and other cleaning agents.

Saves Water

As mentioned in some points, a pool cover will help you save water as the cover protects the pool from evaporation and getting dirty. Water evaporation occurs regularly and reduces the quantity of water in an opened pool more than the water being splashed or leaked. Using a cover will prevent evaporation of up to 90 per cent for both indoor and outdoor fibreglass pools north brisbane. This process can greatly help you in decreasing water consumption. Besides that, having a clean pool for a longer period can reduce the number of times refilling your pool.

Prevents Accidental Falling Or Drowning

Accidents are likely to happen when you have kids, pets or objects lying around the pool. To prevent your kids, pets or visitors from falling into the swimming pool, cover your pool with a pool cover when not in use. Covering your pool can also prevent any intruders or trespassers from harming themselves on your property. A properly fixed pool cover will also help prevent anybody to accidentally fall into the pool.

There are varieties of pool covers that you can purchase, ranging from solar covers to heavy-duty pool covers that can hold up to certain pounds.

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Pool Covers Are Easy To Use And Maintain

Not all pool owners think about covering their pools because it seems like a tough and complicated job. If you have recently built a swimming pool and have doubts about purchasing a pool cover, don’t think twice and get it sooner. This decision will save you in the long run with finances and dangers.

If you feel pool covers will be hard work to install and remove manually, there are semi and fully automatic pool covers available for you. Once you fix the cover properly, it will not be a problem to maintain.


All these reasons are good enough for you to own a pool cover if you want to maintain your swimming pool in a cheaper and beneficial way for a longer period. Having your pool covered will keep you away from encountering problems even when you are away or busy.

Pool covers are available in different shapes, sizes and can be used for all kinds of pools. You can consult a professional for guidance and advice and get help on purchasing the right pool cover for your swimming pool.

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