Why It’s Important To Keep Your Pool Area Clean During The Winter Months

A pool area covered in snow during the winter months.

While your pool may not be getting as much use in the wintertime, your backyard and pool area will likely still be, and just because you’re not using your pool as much, it doesn’t mean that pool maintenance goes out the window. Here are all the reasons why you should keep your pool area clean during the winter months.

Benefits of keeping on top of your pool’s maintenance during winter

  1. Keeps your equipment working in optimal condition. This not only keeps your pool water cleaner but ensures that your equipment doesn’t break down before it is supposed to.
  2. Maintains high water clarity, so if you do decide to go for a swim or the weather heats up, your pool is ready to go.
  3. Can save you money on chemicals. Rather than having to add huge doses of chemicals to the water to rebalance the chemistry levels after winter, you can continue with the regular doses.
  4. Can prevent swimmers from getting sick. When bacteria have the opportunity to fester in the pool, it can be dangerous to swimmers. It can cause health issues such as swimmers’ ear and stomach bugs.
  5. Prevents damage from occurring to the interior of the pool.

Here’s how you can clean up your pool area for wintertime

Clean up neighbouring landscaping

One of the biggest culprits to disrupting your pool’s chemical levels and making it dirty in general is leaf litter and organic matter that makes its way into your pool. When organic matter isn’t removed from the pool quickly, it will sink to the bottom and start to decompose. This can encourage algae and bacteria to grow, and you may notice that your pool clarity is starting to get affected. When the weather starts to cool down, this is the perfect opportunity to cut back any greenery or trees that may have grown excessively over the warm summer months. The more neat and tidy your garden is, the less likely it will mess up your pool, not to mention it looks better too.

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Pack up the pool toys and accessories that won’t get used

Leaving pool toys out when they are not getting used is not recommended for several reasons. UV rays can cause them to fade, and it can prematurely wear at the materials, if there is wind about and you have inflatable toys in or out of the pool, they can blow in the wind and come into contact with sharp or abrasive elements causing them to rip or get holes in them. They can also be a trip hazard when scattered around the pool area.

Packing them away properly ensures they are in good condition when they are ready to be used again. Make sure that all pool toys are dried entirely before packing them up and storing them away. The slightest bit of moisture can cause mould to grow, and often it is not removable and they’ll need throwing out.

If you have a pool cleaner, or poolside accessories such as loungers, umbrellas or tables, store these away securely so they don’t get damaged by the elements when they aren’t in use.

Get a pool cover

Buying a pool cover is one of the best things you can do for your pool and yourself as a pool owner. You can save yourself an exponential amount of time, effort, and money by using a pool cover. Pool covers can effectively and drastically reduce the amount of debris and contaminants that fall into your pool water. By using a cover, you can reduce the amount of work you need to put in to get it swim-ready again when you re-open the fibreglass pools perth.

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They can drastically reduce the rate that water evaporates from the pool as well as prevent your pool’s chemical levels from fluctuating significantly. Additionally, investing in a good cover can keep pets and kids out of the pool, and it will cut down on the amount of rain that enters the water, another thing that can disrupt your pool chemical levels.

Restock chemicals that are on the low side

Pool chemicals are a key component of pool care, without them, it would be very difficult to achieve clean and sanitary water. Coming into winter, is a good time to check on what chemicals you have plenty of and what you could do with more of. Ensure that your chemicals are out of reach for kids and pets and stored out of direct sunlight. Always follow the directions on the label and make sure they are suitable for use in your pool type before using them for the best results.

Balance the pool chemicals

Once the peak of your swimming season has passed, it’s a good idea to rebalance your pool chemicals to make sure they are at their correct levels. Leaving a slight imbalance for too long can see it turn into a big one that is not only a hassle to fix but can be costly too. Along with balancing the chemicals, give your pool and equipment a good clean. Scooping out debris, vacuuming the surface, emptying and cleaning the skimmer basket, cleaning the filters and backwashing your pool, are some of the things to take care of.

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Inspect your pool fencing and check the climbable zone

Your pool fence is just as important as your pool, it keeps little people out and lowers the risk of accidental drownings drastically. Take this time to inspect your pool fencing, looking for any signs of wear or damage. Check the climbable zone both on the inside and outside of the pool fence, and make sure there are no objects or plants etc, that can be used to climb on and into the pool area, if there are, remove them immediately.

A little effort can go a long way

Preparing your pool and pool area for winter will ensure that no damage is sustained to your pool, the water stays clear, and it’s ready for you at the first sight of warmer weather.

We hope this post has given you an idea of how to clean up your pool area and get your pool ready for winter. So start dreaming up your ideal pool design with your chosen pool builder and get ready to make a splash in 2024!.

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