Six Deadly Pool Purchasing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A swimming pool, like any other home renovation project, needs a well-thought-out plan. Fast-forwarding your idea to the construction process without a detailed strategy can lead to unwanted results and end in regrets.

In specific, pool purchasing mistakes are among homeowners who don’t do research before shopping. Consequently, these people are unable to spell out their needs and can be easily misled by crappy contractors.

Discover some common mistakes, why homeowners plunge into them, and how to avoid them.

Reasons People Make Pool Purchasing Mistakes

You can easily plunge into pool purchasing mistakes if you don’t plan your project accordingly. Some of the most common blunders happen because:

  1. Homeowners lack experience with swimming pools.
  2. Indecision concerning one’s needs.
  3. Failure to specify one’s needs.
  4. Misleading contractors.
  5. Poor budgeting.
  6. Taking shortcuts.

To avoid plunging into errors, homeowners should plan their pool purchasing process and follow best practices when committing to projects.

Common Pool Purchasing Mistakes

Most pool mistakes are not apparent until the project finishes and it’s time to check the deliverables.

Some are only noticeable as late as during swimming and maintenance. So how do you plan this project to perfection? What are some pitfalls to avoid?

1. Taking shortcuts

Taking the short route can seem like an easy decision to remedy today’s problems, but grave consequences await ahead.

Cutting corners is a quick way to fail because it can turn out expensive. For instance, if you realize that you forgot to consider a central part of the pool drainage system.

Before making any moves, make sure the solution is all-inclusive and won’t lead to regrets in the future.

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2. Poor design

Crappy design can threaten to ruin a homeowner’s swimming pool experience. Besides messing up your fun, a poorly designed swimming pool may also hamper your backyard’s appeal and threaten to be counterproductive.

For instance, if you choose an inground infinity pool, do further research to confirm whether you have the backyard space to build it. Also, ask an expert their opinion concerning the idea and whether or not it will blend well into your home.

3. Not considering safety

Failing to consider safety is a grave swimming pool design mistake that can prove costly in the future. Pools pose several risks to users, both kids, adults, and grownups, and must be designed with safety in mind.

Potential dangers include falling on slippery floors, near-drowning, and drowning. Other risks include diving board accidents and electrocution.

Some safety precautions include building barriers that toddlers and kids can’t go over or under. Other measures such as locating the deep section in the furthest end can also protect kids from drowning risks.

4. Misleading contractors

Misleading contractors hurry pool projects for their benefit. They do not have the homeowner’s interests at heart. You’ll notice their hurriedness to get things going even when you are not convinced with the whole concept.

These contractors are willing to naively implement everything you say even when they know the suggestion will prove costly in the long run.

To avoid such hiccups, spend quality time locating a competent contractor for your swimming pool project. You can gauge their qualifications by double-checking their portfolio, inspecting their licenses (if your state requires a permit), and checking out customer reviews (if they have an online presence).

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Remember, most reputable contractors are honest and will help you build a custom pool without exaggerating the budget.

5. Shopping before discussing project needs with the contractor

You might be thinking, “I plan to have a pool in my yard; why not gather everything I may need upfront.”

Please don’t! 

Purchasing materials and equipment upfront is a costly blunder because contractors understand best your project’s needs. In a rush to acquire items, you can easily buy what you won’t need.

A house with a pool and flowers in the yard, highlighting potential pool purchasing mistakes.
Swimming pool fencing

So when should you start purchasing swimming pool equipment?

Well, the right time to start shopping is soon after the contractor has drafted a quotation with the list of items you’ll need. That way, you’ll acquire only the things you need, in enough amounts.

  1. Lack of knowledge about material and equipment

It’s essential to understand the types of building material and equipment you’ll need for your project.

Knowledge gaps can lead to wrong purchases, especially if you buy the items you think you’ll need upfront.

Do extensive research to understand the specific items you’ll need for the project you have in mind. You don’t want to buy the wrong pump for your inground pool just because you thought all pumps are the same.

Steer Clear of These Costly Pool Purchasing Mistakes

You can avoid these costly swimming pool project mistakes by learning more about pools and the equipment you need for your specific project.

Consult experts and other pool owners for insights and investigate whether your idea will lead to fruitful results.

Finally, always partner with the right contractor to ensure project success. The expert should also help you make more informed decisions and avoid pitfalls that you’ll regret later.

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