Smart Pools – What Are Their Advantages and are They Worth the Hype?

A swimming pool with a Smart Pool system.

Everything you come across these days has a “smart” tag, so why not pools? Pools aren’t far behind, and now you get something called “smart pools“. These are worth your while and money. If you’re still out of your depth as to their meaning, purpose and what have you, here’s a glimpse into everything you should know. Your next potential fibreglass pool could very well be smarter than you think.

A Smart Pool by Definition

So here’s the thing, a smart pool is very much like a smart home. Advanced technology and innovation in the swimming pool arena have made swimming pools automated systems. Smart pools let you have all the trappings of convenience, enabling you to spend a minimal amount of time and effort on maintenance. Pools are meant be relaxing, not cumbersome. To those who don’t own a pool, this will be a welcome addition to a home, eliminating stories of tedious pool maintenance and cleaning. If you already own a pool, an automated pool will come as a relief. Experience shows it isn’t easy to tend to a pool.

A smart pool is largely defined by the functions it performs, relative to regular fibreglass pools. Smart pools have a mind of their own, and can heat, light and clean themselves. All this is operated by the touch of a button or switch. What’s more, you can run these systems from a smart device, like your smartphone. As a result, you can work the pool remotely. This offers a great deal of versatility and convenience, making your pool future-ready. Providing savings in energy and time, smart pools offer clear benefits.

How To Turn Your Fibreglass Pool Into An Oasis

User-friendly Operation

To a new owner, looking after a swimming pool can be complex and time-consuming. There are several aspects to consider. There’s cleaning, lighting, heating, not to mention seeing that the level of chlorine in the water matches safety and health norms. Technology makes all this simple. Fibreglass pools can be managed by controlling systems via apps on your smartphone, tablet or PC. All these, accessible together with a touch of your fingertips, offers a structured way to control pool functions. Manual operation is eliminated completely. Additionally, you needn’t program your pool to work it efficiently, as remote management is possible. You can set up your pool from work, so it’s ready when you get home.

Savings in Time and Cost

The point of smart pools is to lend owners convenience and saving time and effort in maintenance of pools. Nobody wants to spend weekends cleaning. People would rather relax and enjoy their pools. Enabling automated, almost robotic, cleaning, your smart pool can give you free time to enjoy it with your loved ones.

Cleaning isn’t the only aspect of a pool that is a concern. With inflation and rising costs of power, smart fibreglass pools afford saving in costs too. You may think that upgrading your current pool will be pricey, but its worth the investment for the future. As technology becomes more extensive, smart pool systems will be more affordable. Furthermore, smart pools can lessen the cost of power bills. They are designed to be energy-efficient compared to older pools. Another thing, as a smart pool can be run remotely, you can switch off lights, heating, etc. in case you have forgotten to do so. Besides cutting costs, smart pools are environment-friendly in this way too.

Design and Construction Tips for Your Pool

A Value Addition to a Home

A smart pool is an amenity that is an attractive addition to your residence. Any way you see it, a smart pool is a draw for guests. A super way to remain fit and healthy, plus relax, smart pools only come with advantages. You get all this in your own backyard, elevating the value of your property. Fibreglass pools are much sought-after and offer convenience, not to mention beauty.

A smart pool is an asset if you want to sell your property. Compared to a regular pool, smart pools afford novel technology that new homeowners look for these days. Intelligent pool systems demand a premium, and new homeowners are open to this. A smart pool is future-proof, like all other smart devices are. Another plus is that new owners won’t have to think of the time and effort consumed to put in a pool of their own.

Automated Systems

Many areas of a fibreglass pool can function by using smart technology and it’s a good idea to know these. Here are some aspects of a pool that use smart technology:

  • Remote Control – Managing pool systems remotely is what smart technology is all about. You can do this from practically anywhere, altering settings and switching functions on/off. Via apps on your smartphone/tablet, or any web-based solution on your PC, things can be run at a click. Smart pools, like any other IoT devices work, have the ability to sync with Google Home and Amazon Echo. With voice commands, smart pools make the most of AI technology that works across many home appliances today.

  • Smart Chlorinator – A safe and healthy pool to swim in assures users of the perfect amount of chlorine in the water. If this process is done manually, it involves time and effort. Testing pH levels in the pool and maintaining the chlorine balance requires effort. Automated smart pools have intelligent chlorinators that do the testing and balancing for you.

  • Pool Pumps – Ensuring the right method of water circulation, smart pumps do this efficiently, making sure the right water temperature prevails. This keeps water in the pool hygienic, preventing the formation of algae and bacteria. Conventional pumps use too much power, and owners hesitate to keep them on for the correct duration. Automated pumps use a lot less energy, up to 85%, and can be kept on all day.

  • Clean Pools – Guaranteeing that your pool stays clean and tidy, smart pools offer self-cleaning facilities. Built directly into the pool floor, nozzles sprout up with jets of water to propel debris into pool drains. Fibreglass pools cleaned from the bottom upwards are cleaned thoroughly and completely. Circulating the water efficiently, you won’t have to use a lot of chemicals to clean your pool.

Smart Pools are Great

Intelligent pool systems are all the rage like any other smart products you use at home. Keeping up with the technology, they leave pools safe and hygienic, and leave you relaxed and stress-free.

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