Installing Your Dream Celebrity Inspired Swimming Pool – Hints, Tips and Safety!

A modern home with a celebrity-inspired swimming pool.

If you’ve always wanted that dream, celebrity-inspired swimming pool in your own back garden then there’s never been a better time to consider it. With warmer Spring and Summer months, comes the desire to spend more time relaxing outdoors.

If you’re looking around your outside space at home and wondering if installing your own swimming pool is achievable – then fear not! We’ve got all the hints and tips you need to make it a reality, and what’s more, there’s some celebrity inspiration thrown in, if you really want to get the A-list look. Read on for more:

Check your state’s rules on pools

One of the first things you’ll need to check is your state’s rules on swimming pool construction. Many municipal authorities require you to have an accredited builder on-site, as you work. This is to make sure all strict building guidelines are adhered to and that your pool construction is as safe as possible.

Make sure you get planning application

Before you can proceed, check and make sure you have all the relevant permits to build your pool. Each city and state will have its own regulations which you’ll need to abide by. You can apply for the right documentation by visiting your local planning office, or finding it online and completing the relevant forms.

Your documentation should always include the correct specifications and your requirements for the pool. Check to ensure you’ve got all the right permits for any electrical work that needs to be undertaken.

Take some time to talk to your neighbors about your plans, and make sure they’re up to speed and aware of what you’re planning.

Pros and Cons of different styles of swimming pools

A pool with a fountain incorporating architecture design.

Where do you want your swimming pool to go?

Take a good look around your garden area and carefully plan where you think the best place for a swimming pool installation would be. Most swimming pools tend to be situated at the back of a house, depending on the size of your property and garden, you may feel it is better suited to

being placed elsewhere. Think about the current placements of plants, trees, and fences. Will they need to be moved in order to accommodate your pool?

Draw out a professional plan of how you want the pool to look, with the dimensions for the shape, depth, exits, entrances, etc. You can decide to use the standard sizes or customized ones; it all depends on what you want.

Begin the build and installation process

There are two main types of material used for pool builds, they are:

● Concrete

● Fiberglass

It’s generally felt that whilst concrete costs more, it will give your pool the longevity and stability it needs. A fiberglass installation is quick, easy, and straightforward and can be a great solution for anyone considering a saltwater swimming pool. For either type of installation, employing professional swimming pool installers is the best and safest way to help you achieve your goal.

Firstly, the area in which the pool will go needs to be excavated and this can only be done with heavy-duty machinery like diggers. Professionals should be sought for this type of work as it can be all too easy to get measurements wrong or dig too deeply. The ground being dug for the pool should be graded properly and steel supports should then be installed, in order to frame and support the walls of the pool.

Poolside backyards made for entertaining

Lining the pool is the next stage. This involves pouring any concrete, or placing fiberglass in the right place, in the excavated shape. If concrete is being used, it will be graded and smoothed out during this part of the building work.

The next step is to hire the help of an expert plumber to install the filtration and circulation systems for the water. The same also applies to the electrical work that needs to be carried out. The combination of water and wiring together means that it’s essential it’s only tackled by skilled tradespeople with the right education and training. These are not jobs to be tackled yourself.

It’s time to fill your pool and treat the water

Once the plumbing and electrical work is complete and the structure has been checked to make sure it’s safe and sound – adding water is the only remaining step. Depending on your home and how close it is to the pool, you can simply choose to link a hose to your tap and fill it from there. Some people prefer to rent a water truck and let that do all the hard work.

The water must be kept safe and hygienic, so the pH level must be checked very regularly and stabilising chemicals like chlorine should be added at regular intervals to ensure the water is safe for everyone to swim in and enjoy.

Celebrity swimming pool design ideas

Whilst you’re applying for all the planning permissions you need and ensuring all the right contractors are hired for the job, you can have some real fun taking inspiration and design ideas from A list celebrities, who often turn hanging out by the pool into an art form!

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A house with a pool.
swimming pool

Former Friends star and Hollywood actress Courtney Cox has a stylish and aspirational pool at her Malibu home. She’s taken the notion of outdoor living to the next level with a setup that comprises a swimming pool, kitchen, and dining area – perfect for relaxed, happy pool parties and family get-togethers in the warmer months. Whilst it might not be feasible to have a whole kitchen or complete dining area in your own garden, taking inspiration and creating a big barbecue space with lots of seating could work well and give you lots of different socialising options.

Kourtney Kardashian has opted for a ‘hotel’ style pool at the home she has in California. Whilst her garden is large, she’s created enough space for her children to be able to play safely on the lawn and one that also allows sun loungers to be positioned along one side so that the grown-ups can relax, keep an eye on their children (and top up their tans!)

Take a tip from actress Reese Witherspoon’s book – she’s no stranger to the paparazzi, and as such likes to keep her home as private as possible. She’s decided to completely surround her garden and swimming pool with tall hedges, to ensure total privacy so she and her house guests can enjoy their time together in peace. It’s a great idea if you’re thinking about installing a pool in a more open garden and want to be screened off from others.

Whilst you might not be able to live the Hollywood lifestyle completely, a little celebrity-led inspiration for your own swimming pool design can only be a good thing.

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