6 pool tools you can’t go without

A swimming pool with a bottle of water next to it, showcasing pool tools.

Having a clean and hygienic pool is of the utmost importance and there are several indispensable tools when it comes to maintaining it. Although keeping a pool in its best conditions might appear tricky, it is not in fact so.

For all the types of pools that exist, there are a host of excellent quality pool tools that make the job of maintaining them fairly easy and less complicated. To maintain the water quality, using a few chemicals that disinfect and prevent bacterial growth is essential. On the other hand, using some pool tools also prevents the spread of infectious diseases.

This article lists a few pool tools that make life easier. Read on!

A Kit That Tests Water

The water in a pool should be ideally tested once every week. A water testing kit usually has five different options to measure the chemical levels in the water. These options are a chlorine and bromine test, and three other tests measuring the pH, acidity, and alkalinity levels of the water.

By using a testing kit, the quality of the water can be correctly measured and the appropriate measures taken. This way, health hazards posed by the pool water can be safely avoided.

Tool For Clarifying Water

Among high quality pool tools when it comes to maintaining water quality, a water clarifier generally comes as a bottle of concentrated liquid able to clean up 40,000 liters of water. However, in cases of small pools, one bottle of water clarifier can last for quite a few days.

As the name suggests, this liquid is used when the water in the pool has lost its clarity and appears dirty. Using the water clarifier will remove the cloudiness of the water and all dirt, leaving the pool sparkly and ready to use.

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A water clarifier is a very effective but inexpensive tool that can be used whenever the pool loses its original state. It is biodegradable and environment-friendly and hence does not adversely affect the water or anybody using the pool. Water Clarifiers do not clog the sand filters.

Vacuum and Vacuum Hose

This equipment is one of the high quality pool tools that is required to keep the pool clean and hygienic. Both come either together inside a handover kit or are also available separately in the market. Hence, it is important to ensure that they accommodate each other if the parts are purchased separately. The bottom of a pool gets filled up with a lot of unnecessary waste and discards.

To prevent bacterial growth and keep the water hygienic, it is essential to remove this debris by using the vacuuming kit. Ideally, a pool should be vacuumed twice a week but this rate can be regulated based on the need.

Such pool-designated vacuums are designed to work in pools located both in-ground or above the ground which makes them such an indispensable tool. These pool vacuums offer high suction powers and they keep any pool clean.

Pool Covering

One of the most used high quality pool tools, pool covers are a must-have tool for every pool owner. Available in custom-made sizes, pool covers retain over 90% of the pool heat prevents leaves and other discards from falling in and making the pool unclean.

Pool covers are a very easy-to-use tool and if made according to the correct dimensions, stay put over the pool. However, care must be taken to replace the cover over the pool every time it is left unattended.

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A pool net can also be used to remove the debris that might have fallen in in spite of the pool cover. Understanding and reviewing quality pool nets is of the utmost importance before deciding on a single one.

Shock Treatment

Similar to chlorine, Shock helps eliminate bacteria and algae from the pool. Shock maintains the hygiene of the pool and to that effect, it reduces eye irritation caused by several leftover irritants in the water. It also removes the pungent smell of chlorine.

Largely a cleaning product, this high quality pool tool also removes wastes produced by swimmers and users of the pool like washed-off sun-tan lotion and body oils. Additionally, chloramines, a compound formed in the pool by chemical reactions can also be removed by the application of Shock.

These chloramines prevent the proper functioning of the chlorine in the pool and shocking the pool water ensures that a sufficient chlorine amount is present in the pool. It also helps to balance the pH level of the water. Only a single use is sufficient to remove the algae and bacteria that has formed in the water.

Pool Lights

Pool lights are a great addition to your pool if you want to count in the aesthetic aspect. Most of these pool lights have an extra-low voltage to prevent accidents and they are available in a wide range of colors. These lights enhance the visibility of the pool at night and also makes the pool look very attractive.

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