3 Investments for Homeowners to Lower Your Utility Bill 

A woman sitting at a kitchen table with papers, finding ways to lower her utility bill.

I used to pay monstrous amounts just to keep my home at a nice and comfortable temperature.  Especially in the winter and summer months when it just seems so hard to keep the cool in or keep the cold out.  There are a lot of factors that go into climate controlling your home and my house was a bit of a fixer-upper but after much trial and error I figured out how to keep the elements at bay.  

Some techniques might be obvious to you. Like keeping the windows and doors closed when the A/C is on, but others might surprise you. If you want to keep a comfortable environment in your home and keep your bill down. Here are some tips:


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.  The most integral and expensive part of  making your house able to stay warm and cozy when Jack Frost comes to town. Then take the temperature down when the summer heat becomes too much.  I have lived in multiple cities in Texas, and A/C repair and maintenance was of the utmost importance. I was always doing internet searches for Buda TX AC repair or Austin TX HVAC repair.  It is good to have someone come over and make sure HVAC is working to its fullest capacity so you don’t spend extra money achieving a lesser output.  There can be blockages in your home’s ventilation that raises your bills because your HVAC system has to work harder to keep the temperature inside consistent.   


Since we all like to have some natural light in the house and the occasional breeze, we all have windows in our homes.  The most important thing these days is to make sure you have dual-pane, tempered glass in all the doors and windows. Single-pane glass doesn’t do much in the way of stopping the outside temperature from transferring inside. Dual-pane has harmless argon gas between two panes of glass that stops the transfer, which in turn saves you money. Tempered glass is a much stronger and safer type of glass. Then you should also make sure the windows close tightly so no air can get through.


Since heat rises you can lose a lot of your heat through a faulty roof. So you should make sure that your roof is insulated, and your attic, if you have one. I would look into the roofing options that work best for your area; it could be shingles, tile or tar top. Weather penetrating through your roof not only causes you to lose more money to utilities but can lead to bigger problems like water damage and mold. Another route people are taking is installing solar panels and water heating devices on their roofs to become more self-sufficient and save heap loads on utilities.  Again, a little expensive but the payoffs can be huge.  


Heating your water and distributing water to and around your house is complicated and there are many little problems that can build up and could cause you to end up paying large amounts for the same output you could get for less. Many people I know pay for a filtration system that provides you with softer water. That in-turn causes less build up in your home’s pipes, but you can get the same results by using more energy efficient appliances. Such as a toilet with flushing options or a furnace that operates only during low usage hours.  Small leaks in your plumbing system or build up in faucet heads will lead to high utility bills. 

Of course there are tons of other ways to lower your monthly utility bill but with these tips you are off to a get start.  Being mindful about your usage is a must in this day and age. To keep the planet healthy and also your pockets full.  So be sure to do your research and ask contractors plenty of questions, they really are the most knowledgeable people when it comes to home improvements. So with all of these helpful options you should have no trouble keeping your bill low.

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