What is Wabi Sabi Style?

A wabi sabi living room featuring furniture and a fireplace.

“What is Wabi Sabi Style?”, you may be asking yourself. At first, you thought it was something on a teppanyaki menu. But, you then had an embarrassing moment and found out it is a cultural ideal that the Japanese have embraced for centuries. Well, at least that’s how it went down for me!

Wabi-Sabi Ideals

The wabi-sabi ideal is one which embraces a simpler lifestyle, with fewer possessions. This gives one a deeper appreciation for the little things. Finding beauty in and respecting old things is part of the harmony.

Wabi-Sabi Style

In design, this philosophy embraces and celebrates imperfection. This means that cracked bowls and cups are appreciated rather than discarded. Also, designers look to natural things for beauty. Do you have raw wood or chipped paint on your walls? That is a perfect example of wabi sabi style. It relates the history of your home rather than being negative. Embrace this simple, uncluttered way of decorating.

A wabi sabi-style bowl with a brown glaze on it.
Here is an example of the cracked bowl scenario that I mentioned. | Envato
A wabi sabi mirror amidst an array of pots and vases.
These clay pots are an organic element that plays into wabi-sabi decor. | Kettle and Brine
A kitchen with a wabi sabi wooden table and chairs.
The mismatched chairs are completely celebrated in wabi-sabi design. | Freshome
A wabi sabi living room with a fireplace and a chair.
This is the perfect wabi-sabi room. | Home World Design
A wabi sabi living room with wooden walls and a rug.
In addition to exposed wood, cracked paint is a focal point. | Italian Bark
A wabi sabi style bedroom with dark blue walls and a bed.
The simple green plants in this bedroom create a wabi-sabi feeling. | Freshome
A living room in an industrial building with large windows designed in wabi sabi style.
Again, you see natural wood featured. Do you see the similarity to rustic chic decor? | Home Adore
A bedroom with a wabi sabi inspired black marble wall.
This bedroom has an asymmetrical wall finish that’s very typical in wabi-sabi decor. | Amara
A dining room with a wabi sabi wooden table and chairs.
Because of the wabi-sabi love of organic elements, this table is a perfect example. | Behr
A room adorned with wabi sabi-inspired table and chairs, complemented by rustic rugs.
Use simple furnishings in wabi-sabi style. The result is stunning in its simplicity | Decor8

Due to the simple elegance of wabi sabi style, it’s easy to pull off. Think of understated and natural. You’ll get there!

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