7 Shocking Benefits To Getting Mid Century Lounge Chairs For Your Home

A restaurant with mid-century lounge chairs surrounding a table and fire pit.

Lounge chairs do more than just make your home interior stunning. Find out the advantages of adding one to your home today.


Does the sight of Don Draper’s office make you want to go on a shopping spree? Do you wish you knew how to bring a modern, yet vintage touch to your home decor?

Then you may be in need of mid-century lounge chairs.

Mid-century decor includes furniture and home decor items that resemble or are from the 1930s to 1960s. Mid-century modern take these items to the next level by adding in modern flair.

Mid-century modern is all about geometric shapes. It’s about creating structure and a silhouette that stands out. It draws the eye in without overwhelming.

But, it’s worth noting that not all mid-century furniture falls into this category. Some mid-century furniture is covered in flowers and is romantic in design. It’s intricate and well-detailed instead of sharp and neutral like mid-century modern home decor.

So, how can a mid-century lounge chair benefit your home? Read on to find out more about mid-century lounge chairs and why owning one is a good investment.

Two Mid-Century Lounge Chairs with a dog standing next to them.

7 Benefits of Purchasing Mid-Century Lounge Chairs

Looking to add a unique piece to your home? Mid-century lounge chairs could be just what you need. Explore the following shocking benefits of mid-century lounge chairs.

1. Fashionable Appeal

When you look around your home, do you feel like you’re in need of an upgrade? Does your home decor and furnishing seem a bit outdated?

Mid-century lounge chairs can easily launch you into the 21st century. And, if you’re a lover of all things vintage, then you won’t need to sacrifice style for the latest trend. Mid-century lounge chairs are trending, so it also won’t feel out of place.

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Not only is mid-century decor trending, but it’s also an edgy and fashionable choice. Forget your cookie-cutter furniture styles, opt for a stylish mid-century lounge chair instead.

Start your search for a modern mid-century chair at Modern Onion. They have popular and edgy designs to suit your unique mid-century style.

2. Sturdy

Mid-century lounge chairs don’t just look good. They also are made with sturdiness in mind.

A lounge chair typically is made with a headrest, armrests, and a footrest. These are usually constructed from wood or another sturdy material. Some lounge chairs are also made out of metal, but these are less likely to be within the mid-century style.

Most mid-century furniture pieces are made from wood. Or, they have a woodgrain appearance. In the real mid-century, these items were also made from wood. Hence, why creating mid-century lounge chairs from sturdy wood remains a popular trend.

3. Versatile

A mid-century lounge chair doesn’t need to be placed in an all mid-century styled home. Mid-century lounge chairs are versatile and can be placed in nearly any room in your home. Including your office, living room, or a nursery.

Mid-century lounge chairs also tend to be made in neutral tones. Typically, they come in various shades of black and brown. The upholstery is usually made in the same neutral tones or in grey.

This makes it easy to add a mid-century lounge chair to any room. They won’t overpower the room or take up a lot of space. They will add to your space without taking away from the overall aesthetic.

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4. Functional

Have you ever sat in a chair that looked fashionable, but wasn’t comfortable or functional? Maybe you were forced to sit up straight or it didn’t allow you to fully relax. Mid-century lounge chairs aren’t in this category of fashionable furniture.

Mid-century lounge chairs allow you to sit comfortably. If the one you purchase comes with a footrest, then you can also prop up your feet. Because they are so functional, you can find them in doctor’s offices and psychologist’s offices on a regular basis.

You can recline in them or sit up straight to complete work. You can also use them in your nursery instead of a rocking chair.

A living room with a mid-century wooden chair and shelves.

5. Great for Most Ages

As we age, it’s more difficult to get up and down from resting. A mid-century lounge chair is intelligently designed to be user-friendly. It’s comfortable, but it will also provide you with some support.

This makes it easier to get in and out of these lounge chairs. Plus the nearby armrest also gives you something to use when steadying your weight as you get up. And, the footrest helps you to relax and keep your feet elevated.

It’s also a great chair for kids to sit in to complete their homework or play a game. The chairs tend to promote better than normal posture when in an upright position. This helps them to focus and stay alert while completing their homework.

6. Sophistication

Some popular furniture trends aren’t sophisticated. While these furniture pieces may seem cool at first, after a while they will need an update.

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Why? Because they aren’t timeless like a mid-century lounge chair.

A mid-century armchair is a timeless piece of furniture because it’s well-made and neutral. These chairs’ hallmark feature is its structure, which doesn’t need to be outlandish to be popular. This gives these lounge chairs a sophisticated look without ever looking tacky or out of place.

You never need to upgrade or replace your mid-century lounge chair as a new trend arises. They stand the test of time and won’t ever stick out like a sore thumb. Instead, they will add to any room a sense of charm and fashion.

7. Long-Lasting

Mid-century lounge chairs are built to last, partly because of the sturdy materials used to build them and their design. Since it’s a very structured piece of furniture, it will hold its shape for years to come.

This is unlike some couches and chairs that begin to dip after use. There is also a minimal amount of fabric on mid-century lounge chairs which means they’re low-maintenance.

Mid-Century Lounge Chairs: Finding the Right Fit

Mid-century lounge chairs can bring any space from blah to fabulous. And, don’t be surprised if your friends and family want to know where you bought them!

Whenever you’re looking for lounge chairs online, always read product reviews. You should also read through the company’s return policy to avoid any hassles.

Interested in learning more about mid-century modern home decor? Check out our blog post to discover more.

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