6 Inspirational Toddler Room Ideas Your Child Will Love

Two children enjoying toys in a cozy living room.

Are you about to decorate your child’s room? And wondering how to make is truly amazing? Discover 6 awesome toddler room ideas that your child will love now.

Your baby is developing into an energetic toddler, and it’s time to update their room from baby nursery to toddler playground.

Toddlers need a space where they can be creative and play with their toys. Safety, practicality, and room for growth should be at the forefront of your design.

Check out our list of inspirational toddler room ideas for fun designs to suit every toddler.

1. Favorite Disney Movie Theme

Every child has a favorite Disney movie that they watch on repeat.

Aladdin, The Lion King, and Cinderella are all popular choices amongst kids. Why not kit out your toddlers’ room with a theme from their favorite movie?

A blue bedroom with a princess bed and dresser - Inspirational Toddler Room Ideas.

Include the movie’s color scheme, characters, and any other fun décor. Shops like Target often have Disney bedding and towels that could transform the room into a Disney wonderland.

Any Disney store has an array of items to fill your child’s room with.

2. African Safari Theme

African safari animals are colorful, and unusual looking to a toddler. They will certainly be curious about the large giraffe in their room.

Think of decorating one wall with wallpaper of the Serengeti. Use colors like yellow, brown and grey when you purchase décor for the room.

A child's bedroom decorated with animal prints.

Buy kids furniture in a soft natural wood color to fit with the color scheme of the room.

Don’t forget a few safari furry friends like a giraffe, elephant, and lion!

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3. Jungle Theme 

Jungle themed rooms work well if you are considering installing bunk beds. Consider painting a wall green and adding wall stickers of jungle plants and animals to really bring the theme to life.

A zoo themed bedroom with giraffes and zebras that will inspire your child.

From the bunk beds, you can drape military camouflage netting and intertwine fake greenery to give it an authentic jungle feel. Don’t forget soft animals like snakes and Jaguars to spark that jungle curiosity.

4. Space Theme 

For the young scientist in your family, a space-themed bedroom is a perfect way to spark their interest.

A space themed toddler room idea that children will love.

Why not build them a rocket ship bed?

Paint the ceiling a dark color and hang planets from the ceiling. Glow-in-the-dark stars are a great addition to any space themed room.

5. DIY (For Very Brave Parents)

This is one of the toddler room ideas for very, very brave parents.

Paint all of the walls white and cover the flooring in plastic sheets. Let your toddler go crazy with non-toxic paint in a range of colors. They can print their hands, use brushes or decorate with paint stamps.

When they get older, simply sand the walls down and repaint.

6. Built-In Bunk Beds

If you have the room to install built-in bunk beds, then this can be a great solution for siblings who room share. It is also a great idea for kids when they have friends over.

A bedroom with bunk beds.
Bunk beds perfect for a vacation home (thearfitplan)

They can all sleep in one room and the built-in bunk gives them their own cozy den.

Try Out Our Toddler Room Ideas Today!

Why wait? Start redesigning your toddlers’ room today so they can make the most of the new space.

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Whether you are recreating a Disney film or bringing a safari scene to life, we are sure your toddler will enjoy one of our toddler room ideas.

For more home renovation ideas, check out the other articles right here on our blog.

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