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Two pictures of a pair of nightstands before and after refinishing.

Tricks For Refinishing Furniture

Try these 10 easy tips & tricks for successfully refinishing furniture. When you master this skill you’ll be able to create custom pieces for your home. In fact, it’s fun to transform an old piece of furniture.

Before and After pictures of a hutch after refinishing furniture.
Indeed, a fresh take on an old hutch (

Tip 1: Arm yourself with some patience. Indeed, a sense of humor is also a plus. If you feel overwhelmed, take a breath and keep plugging away.

Tip 2: Stick with a simple first project. Don’t try to master every technique. In fact, a small table is a great first project.

Before and after pictures of refinishing a farmhouse table.
refinished table (

Tip 3: Plan for success. Decide if you want to try to stain, paint, or apply chalk paint. Indeed, there are dozens of online tutorials. Watch several to decide which technique is best for your project.

A refinished red dresser with a mirror.
In fact, fresh stain is a classic way to refinish furniture. (

Tip 4: White will brighten and refresh furniture. In fact, it’s the most popular color for refinishing furniture. Also, you can add accent colors that add a fun pop of color.

Before and after pictures of a side table undergoing furniture refinishing.
white refinished end table (
Two pictures of a pair of nightstands before and after refinishing.
refinished white end tables (

Tip 5: On the other hand, black or gray can add drama and elegance. Indeed, dark furniture has a sleek, modern appeal.

Two pictures of a dresser before and after refinishing.
Refinished Dresser
Before and after pictures of refinishing a black dresser.
Sleek black media center upcycled from a buffet. Indeed, a dramatic before & after!

Tip 6: Keep your work area clean. In fact, dirt and grit will settle into the paint and give it a rough texture. However, it can be sanded down and re-applied.

Tip 7: Experiment with repurposing furniture as you gain confidence. In fact, you can transform the intended use of furniture with minor carpentry skills.

Tip 8: Think outside the box. Play with color and texture. Feel free to use bright colors. Add texture by distressing furniture.

Before and after pictures of a red desk after refinishing.
In fact, a bright red desk makes a fun statement. (
Before and after pictures of refinishing a blue and white dresser
Refinished buffet table

Tip 9: Don’t skip steps! For example, if you’re applying polyurethane and the label states that you should sand it down between coats…do it! The results are well worth the effort.

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Tip 10: Hardware matters! Take the time to give the hardware a fresh coat of spray paint. Or, make a dramatic change with new hardware. Indeed, it makes a big impact.

Before and after pictures of a black and white dresser undergoing refinishing.
Indeed, new hardware finishes the project. (
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