Space Saving Pet Toy Storage Ideas

A blue and white ottoman with a drawer under it for pet toy storage.

There comes a point when your lovable pet begins to create some pet peeves that will drive you bonkers. Most homeowners come to terms with several as they present themselves over time. What’s the biggest pet peeve your adorable fur friend can cause? Well, let’s just say it revolves around his unlikeliness to not only create many messes, but not clean up after himself either. As your pet grows, this only gets worse, and one of the major culprits is your dog’s belongings– those bones, toys and other necessities like leashes. Over time you being to lose space as these items seem to multiply. Luckily, Home Styler has found some space saving pet storage ideas to keep your home looking wonderful when Fido isn’t playing with his toys.

Hammocks are a great option. They don’t cost a lot, are extremely moldable, and can hold lots of items off the ground. Be gone with a bulky cabinet just for your dogs toys, buy a hammock that saves your floor space that can be for other furniture. You will have to take the toys out for your dog to play, but it is a great pet toy storage option that makes for easy clean up.

A pet toy storage hammock hanging on a wall.


Ottomans are great for pet toy storage. They provide some other functions, as you can rest your feet on them or place your food on them while you eat. All you have to do is find one that matches your furniture, and place the toys inside! They also come in a variety of sizes, some of which can even slide under tables so they are even more out of sight.

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