Different Uses for Decorative Alphabet Letters

A set of decorative hooks with numbers and ties hanging on the wall.

Sometimes all your home improvement needs can be found in some unlikely places… like a craft store! Although these places are typically only good for seasonal decorations like wreaths, they do have some random tidbits that you can use in creative ways to spruce up your home. Better yet, items in these stores are often cheap, so you can buy them by the dozen! One such item are those large, wooden alphabet letters. Normally these come in a wood of a lighter shade, which makes it easier for painting and decorating. Depending on the store, you may find them in various sizes, so they work for almost any idea you have. Home Styler has found different uses for decorative alphabet letters in your home!

A set of decorative wooden ampersands on a wall.

A decorative wooden letter w sits on a shelf next to a candle.

A child's room adorned with decorative alphabet letters.

A decorative stairway featuring alphabet letters.

A baby's room with decorative alphabet letters on the wall.

Of course there is the usual wall decor. You can find ones that are in your family’s initials to place at your home’s entrance or mailbox. You can also spell out words like ‘love’, ‘family’, ‘peace’, etc to put on a wall in your home. If there’s a gallery wall of family photos, you can find your initials or spell out everyone’s name on the wall. It can even be a fun activity for the kids to paint their own letters and place them on the wall! A lesser known option is to create a shelf with these letters. Figure out which ones you want and nail them together. Then securely attach them to the wall to create a one-of-a-kind shelf! You can even create a hidden message that only those who look under will see. If you’re not so sure of your hammer skills, find a sturdy board to nail them to (and make sure the nails don’t point out on the other side). Lastly, you can use them as hooks for bags or keys. This can be fun for children to teach them their name. Pick the letters you want, paint/decorate them, add hooks onto them and attach them to a wall. Then kids and guests can hang their items on these alphabetical hooks!

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