$15.4 Million Luxury Stunning Residence For Sale in Los Angeles


Even if the property was already sold in June 2016 for amazing $15,400,000 USD, we still want to show our readers some luxury details of this stunning residence.

The Luxury Residence is located in LA and is a private home that covers an area of 7,500 square feet and has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

With astonishingly jaw dropping uninterrupted views from every level, this super-luxury home can be considered the ideal LA entertaining space. Interior spaces open seamlessly to the exterior with massive automated floor-to-ceiling glass pocket doors.

Seven exterior fire features, custom water features, plus a massive multi-level deck with a stunning cantilevered infinity pool, offer the ultimate backdrop that is perfectly in sync with stylish outdoor entertaining on the Hills. This architectural tour-de-force is more than just a luxury residence; it is a statement of modern luxury in LA.

We are not sure if the Lamborghini was a part of the sale, probably not. If you can afford this stunning residence on the top property in LA, a super car in the garage is a must. Let’s open a champagne and celebrate, congratulations to the buyer who will enjoy the West Hollywood neighborhood.

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