Breath-taking Views from Floor to Ceiling Windows

Glass is not only an amazing material to reshape but it opens our perspectives and let us perceive our home’s surrounding differently.


We can experience the sky’s exclusive colours, the change of hues of leaves, waves crushing on the boulders nearby, harbour lights, bustling city life and every other corner of the earth with want, respect and love. Art, science and nature offer solutions for our various needs and also make us come up with solutions to fulfil our dreams. In this way we can move forward and use glass and melt the reality.

The surroundings of a house are revealed through glass. The floor to ceiling windows capture the delicate and dynamic change in weather while also update the interior in natural ambivalence.

A beautiful view of the seaIn this image the minimalist interior designing shows a powerful connection between interior and outdoors. The room is immersed in clear blue ocean, which proves the unlimited power of floor to ceiling windows.

An amazing view of plants and rooftops.In this image one can see tall palm trees, luscious greenery and rooftops from this living room in the Sunset Strip.

View of landscapingEven though some rooms may lack awe inspiring looks but this floor to ceiling window gives an opportunity to explore a landscaped garden or the flower adorned backyard.

City life!In this image one can clearly see the bustle of the Big Apple bellow a room in an apartment. With floor to ceiling windows one should not ignore the amazing interior designing which have a stunningly relaxing effect.

Choosing the Right Type of Ceramic Floor Tile

Different hues of sunThe sun offers intense experience during dusk or dawn or any other time of the day. It’s an astonishing experience seeing the colours change and feeling breeze behind retractable glass wall. The residence also explores the panoramas of coastal ridge below.


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