5 Unique Coffee Shops from Around the World

An archway with a coffee shop in the middle of it.

Coffee is not only a heavenly tasting liquid or a boost of energy. It’s a full experience when drunk in the perfect setting, a coffee shop. Time seems to move at a different pace in such a place. You are surrounded by people but they seem to disappear in the background. Everything from the lightning to the music seduces and makes you want to come back for more. We found 5 of the most inviting and unique coffee shops from around the world. You can almost feel the atmosphere through the pictures. Let’s take a look.

A coffee shop filled with lush greenery.
Fresh herbs and air-purifying plants enhance the coffee drinking experience (www.archdaily.com)
A coffee shop with hanging plants.
Modular cubic frames give a new dimension to this cafe (www.archdaily.com)

Our first stop is a charming cafe located in China and designed by Penda. The novelty of its design comes from the modular cubic frames. The cafe is meant to be a “green oasis in the midst of a polluted city”.

A coffee shop with wooden chairs.
Coffee inspired fluidity animates the cafe  (www.archdaily.com)
The interior of a coffee shop with wooden tables and chairs.
Brown tones add a touch of warmth to this coffee shop design (www.archdaily.com)

Our next stop is a cafe designed by Innarch, in Pristina, Kosovo. Don Café House is a truly beautiful design, inspired by “a sack filled with coffee grains”.

A coffee shop with wooden tables and chairs.
Amazing wood weaving details (www.designlike.com)
The interior of a coffee shop is made of wooden beams.
The contrast between the warmth of the wood and the black accents creates an interesting effect (www.designlike.com)

Take a look at this stunning cafe located in Japan, the land of the rising sun. Designed by Kengo Kuma & Associates, the Starbucks Coffee is, according to the architects, “a fluid, cave like shape”.

A coffee shop with hanging lights.
Unique lighting installation made of coffee cups (retaildesignblog.net)
The interior of a coffee shop with wooden tables and chairs.
Amazing details enhanced by the contrasting elements (retaildesignblog.net)

Meet Origo Coffee Shop, located in Bucharest, Romania. It was designed by Lama Architectura. It portrays the perfect coffee drinking experience. As the architects mention, the goal was to “create a place that will allow coffee to be the star”.

A coffee shop with tables and chairs and plants hanging from the ceiling.
Celebrating nature in a tea house (www.afm-teahouse.com)
The interior of a coffee shop with a lot of greenery.
The plants liven up the entire tea house (universotokyo.com)

Our last stop is Tokyo, Japan. Here we find a corner of nature called Aoyama Flower Market and Tea House, where the fragrance of the herbs complements the smell of fresh brewed coffee.

Beautiful Backyard Pavilions

Let’s end this article with a lyric by Landon Pigg: “I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop, I love so much”. Do you have your favorite coffee shop? Let us know what you love about it.

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