How To Save Electricity Without Even Trying

Save Electricity

Taking charge of your energy consumption needn’t mean that you have to take on a rather intense routine.

In fact, I say it should be just the opposite. You can passively reduce your energy usage with some little changes in routine that will save money and the environment at the same time.

Some of our habits can be quite wasteful despite our best efforts to be eco friendly and sustainable. By changing these bad habits we can save money and the environment.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind to save electricity with minimal effort.

Change providers

You may not even realize that not all energy providers charge the same rates. In fact, costs vary considerably by region. Try a site like to compare rates from different providers. You may end up saving a few hundred pounds per year just by a few clicks of a mouse.

Get a professional evaluation

You may be wasting a lot of money and electricity just from having outdated meters or wiring. Hire an electrician to come by and see if there are ways that your electrical system could be upgraded to be more efficient. 

There may be some redundant wiring or circuit breakers that can be changed to save some electricity.

Switch to gas appliances

Gas is generally much cheaper than electricity. Even the most efficient electrical appliances like water heaters could be swapped out for a gas equivalent. Better yet, you could do away with your inefficient tank water heater and go for a gas tankless water heater instead. They only require enough electricity to start the ignition.  

Use a dishwasher

I used to think that it was wasting electricity to use our dishwasher and preferred to wash by hand. 

Then a technician told me that it was the opposite. The electricity needed to heat the water for the sink was a lot more than what a dishwasher uses. Then the fact that you can wash more dishes in less time means less electricity consumption, as well. 

Watch for off peak rates

Try doing your laundry at night and you will see immediate savings. That’s because most providers charge less per Kw when you use electricity at off peak hours. If you have a newer model washing machine, then you can program it to start at the time of the lowest rates.

Become a smart home

Use technology to your advantage and set up your house to be connected to your smartphone. 

You can program everything to only be used when you need it most. This way you don’t have too many things running when you aren’t even home. 

Also, by reviewing some apps you can see exactly when, how much and what electricity you are using. By understanding the data you can make changes to cut back and change some habits that are costing you money.

These ideas may seem simple, but that’s the point. You don’t have to do anything radical to lower your electricity bill.


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