8 Unique Interior Door Ideas

Unique interior door ideas

The way to make your house a home is to personalize the interior.  One way to accomplish this is to enhance your interior doors.  Here are eight unique interior door ideas to give you inspiration for updating your own.

  1.  Sliding Barn Door – Add a rustic touch to any doorway in the home with the addition of a sliding barn door.
Sliding barn door
Sliding barn door (Houzz)

2.  Unique Wood Grain – Choose wood with a unique grain pattern to add distinction to your interior doors.

Unique interior door design
Unique interior door design (imbrandon)

3.  Unique Style and Color – You don’t have to settle for the standard doors installed in your home.  Replace them with uniquely styled doors and paint them a bold color.

Unique interior door idea
Unique interior door idea (designcrimea.wordpress)

4.  Upholstered – For a refined interior door, upholster it and accent it with nail head trim for a very distinguished finish.

Embellished interior door
Embellished interior door (addicted2decorating)

5.  Acrylic Overlay or Wallpaper – Purchase acrylic overlays or use wallpaper to jazz up your interior doors.  Choose interesting patterns and geometric shapes to add just the right feature to your rooms.

Unique interior door
Unique interior door (freera.org)
Unique interior door design
Unique interior door design (home-designing)
Bright and unique interior door design
Bright and unique interior door design (newdoorideas)

6.  Bold Color with Metallic Accents – Add a little something extra to your interior doors with metallic accents.  Break up a bold color or use various colors and block each off with an accent panel of chrome or brass.

Bold interior door
Bold interior door (trendir)

WCMA Window & Door

7.  Painted – Add your own touch to interior doors with paint.  Paint them a bold solid color or paint them all black for emphasis and contrast.

Brightly painted interior door
Brightly painted interior door (design-milk)

Paint them with a two-color pattern on a different angle.

Unique painted interior door
Unique painted interior door (wallums)

Accent a six-paneled door with paint.

Painted interior door
Painted interior door (lowes)

Paint and stencil interior doors for old-world charm.

Stylish interior door
Stylish interior door (lushome)

8.  Antique – Find old doors at salvage yards or antique shops and install them in your home.  Refinish them or retain their original finish for character.

Antique interior door
Antique interior door (lushome)

Interior doors are a dominant feature in every home.  Why not make the most of them stylistically with special treatment?  Take a look at your interior doors and see what wonderful creative ideas you can accomplish.


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