The Best Interior Design Ideas for Your Home 

A living room with a striped floor and a table.

It’s been a challenging two years, thanks to the covid19 pandemic. Most people are working from home, and businesses have been grossly affected. Indeed, some businesses have closed altogether. The interior decoration industry was one of the worst affected.

Fortunately, decorators tend to be at their creative best when under duress. As a result, we’ve seen multiple new home interior design ideas pop up over the past year. The following is a summary of the best ideas to inspire your interior decorations for the rest of the year.

1. Home office design trends

Let’s kick off with one of the most notable developments over the covid19 period – the home office. Although home offices aren’t a new phenomenon, the number of homes with a home office has spiked sharply since the beginning of 2020.

If you’re thinking about creating a home office or freshening up the existing one, there are several ideas to consider. For instance, double or triple panel windows can help cut out distracting noises. Carpeting and soundproofing can also help with soundproofing. Something else you want to try out is energetic color palettes. Bolder colors are healthier and better for your productivity.

Home office
Bolder colors are healthier and better for your productivity.

2. Conscious and sustainable design

Besides home offices, one of the most popular home interior design ideas is sustainable design that also comes with a new level of consciousness. Families are keener to design without spending over the odds. They are also more committed to natural design trends that promote energy conservation.

If you’re excited by this new trend, ways to incorporate it in your home include reusing décor elements and using refurbished pieces. An emphasis on consciously produced pieces is another good idea.

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3. Light woods

In line with a shift to more sustainable trends, we’re seeing strong uptake of lighter woods. Light wood fits almost any style and sensibility, from modern minimalistic settings to rustic French farmhouse decors. It also fits seamlessly into Scandinavian styles. Above all, light wood pairs excellently with other modern home interior design ideas, including greens, natural vibes, and ocean hues.

This trend is already popular in furniture. However, expect to see it pop in more places, including cabinetry and even floors.

Conscious and sustainable design
In line with a shift to more sustainable trends, we’re seeing strong uptake of lighter woods.

4. Textured walls

It’s also apparent that murals and large-scale artistic depictions are on a comeback – albeit in a new way. One of the hottest trends right now is textured walls. It’s a perfect fit for retro-inspired, naturalistic, and eclectic flairs. A few ways to add a textured wall to your home include marbling, fabrics, and abstract design. Mixing natural materials such as stone, wood, and moss can also help implement a textured wall design.

If you’re on a DIY interior décor trip, a few ways you can bring textured walls to your home include through plastered walls, glass cloth wallpapers, and padded velvet walls.

padded velvet walls.
One of the hottest trends right now is textured walls.

5. Archeological displays

Yes, this is another trend that has picked up quickly over the past year. Homeowners are creating space to display archeological finds in a way that decorates the room while inspiring memories. For example, a simple architectural curio cabinet can be created showcasing sculptural artifacts inside narrow and graphic wall-mounted display cases.

Having the display cases in your living room allows you to showcase found objects and textured materials alongside miniature sculptural forms. If you’re wondering where to start, archeological artifacts are regularly auctioned in major towns.

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6. Stripes on stripes or striped on checked

Stripes are the item of focus here. However, there are multiple ways to use them to achieve a modern décor. For instance, some designers prefer stripes on stripes. Others also have stripes on stripes on stripes. As long as you’re using stripes on stripes, the most important rule is to make sure they don’t match. Also, mix up the sizes and colors.

Alternatively, you can mix stripes with checked. This works particularly well in the bedroom. For the best results, consider delicately patterned cushions and eiderdown to soften the effect of the stripes and checks on the wall and bed.

Stripes on stripes or striped on checked
Stripes are the item of focus here.

7. Abstract statement pieces

Abstract art is becoming a common focal point in furniture designs, especially in minimalist homes. You can tell by the rise in curvy chairs, surrealist shapes, and abstract light fixtures with metal components that stand out. It’s an important trend because abstract pieces catch attention and are excellent at livening up spaces.

If you choose to pursue this trend, opt for abstract pieces that come in all shapes, sizes, and applications. It could be an eye-catching artwork or a bold lighting fixture. Just makes sure it pops and brings new energy levels.


There are endless other home interior design ideas to try in 2021. Just make sure to do it within budget. Modern decorations can be a tad expensive.

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