5 Home Décor Trends That are Coming Back in 2022

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If you are someone that likes to follow home décor trends, you know that they change all the time. One season, you will find that velvet materials are popular. The next, you will notice that everyone is embracing reclaimed wood in their home. But, there are also certain home décor trends that keep coming back through the years. Let’s take a look at five trends that are predicted to make a comeback in 2022.

Bold and Bright Wallpaper

For a while, homeowners were choosing to keep their rooms modest and minimal. In other words, they were opting for grey paint on the walls and minimal color around the room. But, something that we are expecting to make a comeback in 2022 is bold and bright wallpaper. This could be all around the room or as a feature wall. But, you can be sure that you will see a lot more color hitting homes this year. In particular, this is going to include themed wallpaper, such as botanical and animal-themed. This is going to add energy to a room, as well as create interest and excitement.

Pleated Furniture and Accessories

It can be a good idea to introduce new textures and patterns into a room. It can add interest and break up the monotony of the furniture you have. In particular, 2022 is going to see the return of pleated furniture and accessories. This is a design that is based on folds in fabric and it can introduce a new style to your home. For example, check out the pleated lampshade collection from Penny Morrison. This might be just what you need to update your home and follow the trends. There are different patterns you can choose from as well as various colors to suit your preferences or to match your current color scheme.

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Geometric Patterns

Again, being bold with your home décor is something that is trending in 2022. People want to experiment a lot more with this house and this means adding color and cool patterns. In particular, this year, you are set to see more geometric patterns. They have come and gone over the years and they can be like marmite when it comes to home décor. Some people love the color that they bring while others feel like the style gives them a headache. What type of person are you and do you like geometric patterns? 

Accent Walls

Is your room missing something? Perhaps there needs to be a focal point and something that adds some interest. Well, this is where an accent wall comes in. This used to be something that was popular in the 1980s. Now, it is making a huge comeback and people are enjoying getting creative. People are painting accent walls, as well as using different materials such as wood and even wallpaper. It really can transform a room. What’s more, homeowners are choosing to build entertainment centers on the accent wall, which includes a television and fireplace.

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