5 Essential Elements For Rustic Farmhouse Decor In Your Living Room

A rustic living room with a stone fireplace and leather furniture.

If you love a cozy feel, take a look at these 5 essential elements for rustic farmhouse decor. Indeed, the rustic look is happening. Now! It combines rustic decor with cozy comfort. In fact, it looks charming, warm, and inviting.

So kick off your shoes and take a seat. Let’s look at the essentials that give you the rustic farmhouse decor look for your home.


Rustic farmhouse designers love to place a barnwood mantel above the fireplace. This makes the fireplace a gorgeous feature!

A rustic wooden shelf displaying a windmill and candles, perfect for farmhouse decor.
Install a mantel from reclaimed barn wood for authenticity. | Photo Credit: Pinterest
A rustic living room with a fireplace and a wooden mantle.
Because you can make the mantel a focal point, group charming accessories nearby. | Photo Credit: Pinterest


Farmhouse decor screams out for raw wood elements. They add charm in an organic way.

A rustic living room with a stone fireplace and leather furniture.
Impress visitors with raw wood bookcases of a grand scale.|Photo Credit: House Beautiful

No need to be fancy! In fact, use repurposed items to add even more charm!

A living room with a black and white rug and a tv featuring rustic farmhouse decor.
Also, remember raw wood works for small furnishings. For example, look at the coffee table, ladder and side table.How clever! |Photo Credit: Pinterest


Of course, you can add flowers to add a very natural feeling to your rustic living room.

Rustic cotton flowers in a farmhouse vase on a wooden shelf.
Add an organic feel with local flowers in charming containers.|Photo Credit: Pinterest
A rustic farmhouse burlap sack with flowers hanging on a wooden wall.
Of course, you get bonus points if you can work a burlap sack in with your floral arrangement. | Photo Credit: Pinterest


Rustic farmhouse decor uses simple, sweet accessories. Decorators use mason jars because they are very versatile.

Three rustic mason jars with baby's breath hanging on a wooden wall.
How fun is this? Use mason jars as art pieces. |Photo Credit: architectureartdesigns.com
Four mason jars with flowers hanging on a rustic wooden wall.
In fact, you can chalk paint mason jars to add color. |Photo Credit: Kate’s Little Shop (etsy)


Installing rolling barn doors lends a large scale detail to your living room.

A rustic sliding barn door in a living room.
Rolling barn doors make a grand entry into the living room.|Photo Credit: eddyinthe coffee
A rustic living room with a couch and a bookcase.
On the other hand, you can hide your media center or books with rolling barn doors. | Photo Credit: World Market
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