How to Choose the Right Type of Swimming Pool for Your Yard

A house with a swimming pool in front of it.

The hot summer temperatures make swimming pools a must-have for everyone, no matter where you live. For most homeowners, nothing is more refreshing than dipping in chilly waters on a sunbaked day. So many people dedicate their backyard space to swimming pool construction. But the right type of swimming pool for you may depend on multiple factors.

Still, the yard remains an ideal spot for many because:

  • it is hidden from the public,
  • has some space to spare and
  • has long been the preferred location for a pool in many homes.

But pools are not just cooling zones for sunny hot weather, they are also a thing of prestige built to add looks and aesthetics to a home’s curb appeal.

So how do you choose the right one for your yard? What are some of the factors to look at?

Why it’s Important to Build a Swimming Pool that Fits Your Yard

Besides adding aesthetics to a yard’s curb appeal, your swimming pool should be functional and blend well into the surroundings. Therefore:

  1. It should be strategically positioned for easy access.
  2. State laws prohibit homeowners from any digging that tampers with utility lines.
  3. Drowning is a common accident in swimming pools. You must build with safety in mind.
  4. The size and type of swimming pool are crucial considerations because you want to make excellent use of your backyard space.

For instance, it’s irrational to build a huge infinity pool that covers your entire yard because this could use up all your space or put kids, and pretty much everyone, at the risk of drowning.

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If you have a small space, better be creative and build something friendly and functional like an above-the-ground pool.

Also, remember, accessibility and positioning go hand in hand. Be sure to choose a strategic position for your backyard pool.

Which Type of Swimming Pool for You?

There are various types of pools to choose from. For most homeowners, the dilemma is to decide which design fits their space.

Above-ground Pool

Above-ground Pool
Above-ground Pool

The above-ground pool, like its name suggests, stands on top of the ground. It is ideal for those whose backyards don’t allow deep digging or prefer a bath that stands above the ground level.

It is also a safer option for parents with kids and people of age because it poses a lesser drowning risk.

Inground Pool

Inground Pool
Inground Pool

An inground pool recesses into the ground and requires deep digging. You must indulge in some thorough excavation work to build a pool that goes into the ground.

These pools can fit into small and large spaces as long as you utilize your yard wisely.

Onground Pool

Onground Pool
Onground Pool

An onground pool gives the impression of an inground pool. However, it is shallower, easier to install, and more affordable than the latter.

For this pool type, you don’t have to indulge in extensive digging work. Also, feel free to be creative because onground pools fit into any topography or space.

How to Decide the Right Type of Swimming Pool for Your Yard

Now that you understand the various types of pools, how do you determine the right one for your space? Follow these tips to make an informed decision.

  • How large is your yard?

Large yards can accommodate both inground and onground pools as long as you have a well-thought-out plan. In contrast, above-ground pools may not fit well in large spaces–for these designs, the smaller the pool the better.

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Lastly, though plenty of space is a blessing, most homeowners have only a tiny backyard. But this doesn’t mean you can’t fit a pool in it, no matter how little it looks. Explore more small backyard swimming pool ideas before you give up on building one.

  • Kids or no kids

The ideal type of swimming pool for a family is safe and kid-friendly. To reduce the chances of drowning or injury (e.g., from slips and falls), consider building a shallow onground pool or a raised above-ground pool.

But your kids shouldn’t stop you from building the pool of your dreams. You can still construct an inground swimming pool and add protective measures, like fencing the area, etc.

  • Are there underground utility cables or lines?

Underground utility cables or pipes can limit your options when looking to build a swimming pool. Remember, you shouldn’t construct your pool above buried utility lines or cables as this can block access or damage them.

If this is the case, avoid building an inground pool. Instead, consider another type of swimming pool that does not require deep digging, e.g., an above-ground pool.

If you have plenty of space, construct your pool a distance away from the utility lines.

  • Your preferences count

Eventually, everything boils down to your preference. If you prefer an onground pool, go for it as long as your construction team understands and utilizes your backyard space in the best way possible.

Remember, most top-rated designers understand how to overcome the various challenges in pool-making. Having accomplished different projects in virtually all backyard spaces, they may offer some suggestions you’ll find helpful.

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A Final Word on Choosing the Right Type of Swimming Pool

Other factors like budget, topography and the complexity of the project are also a bone of contention when making a decision. Remember to consider all factors!

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