Nine Creative Ways to Add Colors to your Home Decor

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Most homeowners are afraid of being bold when it comes to colors in their homes. Instead, they prefer a neutral color design or a monochromatic minimalistic look.

Although these color designs are forever in style and show sophistication, it doesnt mean you can’t experiment with brighter colors.

At times it’s necessary to add a little color to your mainly gray or white spaces.

This article will show you nine creative ways to add color to your home decor.

1. Use color to stir Emotions

Different colors are easily associated with things they seem to represent. For example, green generally represent nature or trees. In comparison, the red color represents love or warmth.

A splash of these colors needs to represent the activities that happen in the space. So, for instance, a bedroom can have color elements representing restfulness, such as blue curtains.

You can as well incorporate a rug with a reddish pattern along your hallway for that warm, welcoming effect. The rug will also hide dirt along your pathway.

Use color to stir Emotions

2. Ensure flow of colors

To have a smooth blend and flow of colors within your space or from room to room. You will need to select a vibrant color from one place and use it in the next space or room.

For example, if your couch is purple, you can have a purple rug in your kitchen or purple lampshades in your bedroom. This creative approach will introduce a rhythm into your home.

3. Go for brighter accessories

Accessories are great for bringing a pop of color into your house. A set of accessories with the same color will deliver a stunning non-permanent pop to your home.

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For example, a bedroom with matching red lampshades will turn the otherwise neutral room into a colorful and vibrant space.

4. Pictures and artwork

Hanging pictures and artwork will introduce the much-needed color to your space, especially for those who prefer sophisticated monochromatic furniture and accessories for their homes.

These art pieces will take the spotlight and always distract the color monotony within your room.

Find a plain wall and hang your pictures and art pieces. You can try out multi colorful prints or a mix of picture collages.

Pictures and artwork

5. Throw some color to your furniture

Furniture pieces will mostly have a bold color choice, and you can add a pop of color to their surfaces.

For example, you can add a green fabric cloth to a brown dining table. This vibrant addition will transform your otherwise dull space to become more vibrant.

Differently, colored throw pillows are also a great addition to any living room space. Another example would be to add different colored cushions to your sofas that add a colorful touch.

6. Interchange color with seasons

As the season’s change in a year, you can also change the colors in your home.

For instance, you can go pinks, lilac, and saffron yellow during spring. These spring colors will bring that fresh, uplifting, and naive look to your home.

On the other hand, you can go for mustard yellows or brown colors when fall comes. These fall colors will bring a calm and subdued touch to your home, perfect for resting.

7. Add some mother nature

Nature has amazing colors that will brighten up your decor. In addition, you can opt for greenery that requires little maintenance and will do well under low interior lighting, with a fine example being the Marble Queen Pothos plant.

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Flowers and live plants will not only add color to your space but will also add fragrance and personality to your home decor.

In addition, if you do not like natural plants, try artificial plants and flowers. Some of the artificial plants in the market today are indistinguishable from live plants.

Marble Queen Pothos plant

8. Use mirrors to reflect color

If your space has a bare wall, consider adding a big mirror. Go for a mirror with an artistic frame or paint it with a bright color. But if the frame is plain, you can enhance it with braid or cording.

This mirror will reflect light and color around your space, even without adding plenty of colorful decorations.

9. Try the color-blocking design

A color-blocking design will give a bold grey or white space a splash of color to brighten your decor. You can then replay those colors across your home for a complete color scheme.

For instance, try a color-blocking design for the shower curtains in your bathroom, giving that space a more colorful tone.


Your home decor says a lot about your personality. Understandably, not everyone has the resources and time to have that perfect interior makeover. However, adding hues of color here and there will transform your aesthetic theme.

There are many creative ways to add color to your home decor. But, without a doubt, our nine color approaches will remodel the feel and look of your home.

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