Nine Trending Exterior Painting for Houses 2022

Painting for Houses

Painting your home’s exterior is a huge investment to improve your curb appeal. Furthermore, making your home more inviting.

Yet, selecting an exterior paint color for your home can be a daunting experience because of the various types available in the market today.

We have designed this list to get you excited about painting your home’s exterior. It will also guide you through the selection process.

Unfortunately, we cant instruct you on the specific color to paint, but we will show you tools to aid you in decision making.

Here is a list of nine trending exterior paintings for your houses.

Black Paint

To give your home a new touch of elegance, go for a black exterior. The black paint will give your home a modern, surprising yet sophisticated look. Besides, saturated dark hues will make any home look modern and stand out.

A black exterior will blend well with your natural surrounding or garden.

Cream and warm white

A more subdued shade of white is fast becoming popular, and most homeowners are going for the restful energy it offers.

Also, it looks sophisticated when this paint pairs with a darker shade like studio green to create a dramatic effect.


Another popular painting is Ivory, which brings a formal and elegant touch to your home. This painting is best for historical homes that showcase their heritage.

Ivory also pairs well with lighter white colors or bright blue for the door to bring out a smoother blend.

Vibrant Green

Vibrant green paint has also become a go-to option for a nature-based exterior look.

This exterior darker shade complements a greener surrounding and also accentuates flowering gardens.

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Vibrant Green

Red pepper

If you desire a red shade for your home’s exterior, red pepper will give your home that dramatic deep color.

This color is great for houses in the countryside but can increase your home’s impact in the neighborhood.

Classic Navy blue

Those interested in a sea-inspired theme for their exterior should opt for a navy blue shade. This paint can pair well with other contrasting shades to create contemporary and classic scenery.


Gray is another painting that will give your exterior a saturated bold look. This touch of elegance will give life to your home and complements the surrounding.

Gray also pairs well with classic colors such as green, red and blue.


This deep greenish-blue shade has been trending, and it guarantees to make your house stand out in your neighborhood.

Butter yellow

This shade will make your house seem warm and inviting, without the overbearing look that comes from a shade of plain yellow.

Things to Consider when Painting a Home’s Exterior

Before you settle for any color for your home’s exterior, there are a few things that you should consider, such as:

Your neighborhood

Your neighbors should not influence how you paint your exterior. But considering their style will help your home blend in with its surroundings.

Avoid choosing the exact colors your neighbors have. Yet, go for colors that complement the environment. For instance, you can follow the neighboring color patterns but pick different shades.

Mind your area weather patterns

Before you embark on the painting, ensure you have followed up on the weather forecast. This tip will help you avoid high humidity or extreme temperatures ruining the coat.

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If you live in an area with a harsh climate, you should also consider colors that will not fade, crack or develop strange consistency.

Size of your home

Paint can also trick eyes to magnify or shrink the size of your home. If you wish to make your home appear bigger than it is, go for lighter shades of color.

Buy quality exterior paint products

To get a strong and durable coat, choose high-quality materials, such as quality paint, applicators, and primer. These tools will make the process easier, ensuring you have a more professional result.

Consider the type of surface you have to paint before selecting your materials. Then, ensure you choose tools specific to that application.

Start in the shade

It’s great to apply two coats of your exterior premium paint and start your painting from top to down.

After you have done patching and priming, consider starting your first coat on the side of your home that is under a shade.

Consider your roof

How misplaced would your house look if the color of your roof color block with exterior paint? It would not be eye-catching.

The roof color shouldn’t match your exterior paint, but they should complement each other for a more aesthetic touch.

It’s advisable to paint your siding cool colors if your room has cool colors, and the same goes for warm colors.


Please select the right painting for your exterior that guarantees to improve the curb appearance of your home and its resale value.

Our nine options of trending exterior painting for houses will make your home stand out. Finally, it will brighten up your space and your entire neighborhood.

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