Is It Okay to Build a Shed in the Winter?

A small wooden shed in the snow.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a shed to your yard, but it’s winter, you might be thinking you’re out of luck. Because of the cold weather winter brings with it, many people think they’ll have to wait until the spring or summer to get a shed built, but, you might be surprised to hear that’s not the case! You can build sheds in the winter, but there are a few things to consider before you get started. Let’s explore a bit.

Consider the Climate

One of the biggest things to consider when it comes to shed building is your climate. If your home doesn’t get freezing temperatures and therefore doesn’t get snow, you can absolutely build a shed in the winter. You’ll want to make sure the ground is dry, but otherwise, you should be fine. It might even be a better time of year to build a shed since it won’t be scalding hot like it is in the summer.

If you live in a colder climate where you do get snow and ice, don’t give up on your shed dreams, just yet. WHile it might be a bit more difficult to dodge the cooler weather, you can still build a shed or hire a company to build a shed. In fact, many shed companies like doing builds in the winter since they don’t have as much demand or business. So, you might be able to get a shed put up really quickly, whereas you’d have to sit on a waiting list in the spring or summer.

Consider the Uses for your Shed

It’s important to think about how you want to use our shed. In the winter, you might be cooped up inside with too much stuff, too many people, and what feels like too little space. If you’re wanting a shed for holiday decor, yard equipment, tools, and any other clutter that might be hiding around your house, then a shed might be just what you need. By building a shed during the winter and using it to help your home and garage feel less cluttered might be just what you need to get you through the cold months of winter.

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Consider if You’ll Build it Yourself

Another thing you need to consider is if you’re planning on building the shed yourself and how much experience you have. If you are building a shed from scratch, and you don’t have much experience, the project will take you longer, and you might not have all of the knowledge you need to complete the project quickly. If you do have experience or you’re using a kit to build your shed, you should be alright, but you might want to enlist some help. Having more sets of hands can make much lighter work.

You can also hire a company to build the shed. This might be the fastest and easiest option, in the winter. As mentioned above, these businesses might have slower schedules during cooler months which means a faster build for you.

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