Check Out The Different Types Of Beds For Every Style

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When we buy a new bed, we hardly research the various available options. There are various types of bed options available starting from the beds with built-in speakers to the beds that hang that can be hung from the ceiling. Here, in this article, we shall discuss multiple types of beds and frames that would fit any style. With this guide, you shall have the proper guidance that you can apply while you go shopping the next time.

Different Types of Bed Sizes

Before purchasing the ideal bed, you would have to be sure about the style and the size of the bed. You have to make sure if you want a twin bed or a king-size bed. Below we mention the different type of bed:

Twin Bed

Twin beds are the smallest size that is available in the market and they are 80 inches (203 cm) long beds. And their width is 38 inches and they are great for saving space. They are very much ideal for single sleepers, kids, etc.

A guest room with twin beds.

Twin XL Bed

 These beds are about 5 inches longer than the twin beds and the width is like 38 inches. They are ideal for the taller teens, those living in the dorm rooms, and also the single people.

Full-Size Bed

Full beds are also called double beds and they are almost 53 inches in width and 75 inches in length. The width is almost 16 inches more than a twin bed. This bed is ideal for single people like the growing adults and you can also place them in the guest rooms.

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Queen Beds

These types of beds are almost 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. For the single people who want extra space in the bed while sleeping can the couples wanting a cozy place can opt for this type of bed. They are very much suitable for the master bedrooms.

A functional bed with a canopy.

King Beds

This bed size is the widest size that is available. They are perfect for both singles and couples and can be easily adjusted in a master bedroom. Singles with kids or pets can easily adjust to this bed.


Cal King

This is the utmost big size that is available and the mattresses are the longest as well. These beds are ideal for sleepers who are more than 6 feet tall. In a cal king bed, two tall people can easily fit in. But any people more than two might feel the place to be a little crowded.

Different Types of Bed Styles

Now if you have understood the available different bed sizes, you can have an idea of the bed size that you require. After the bed sizes, it is now time for the bed styles. The companies today have started manufacturing varied bed styles and sizes owing to the market demand and to boost the sales process. There are varieties available like the sofa beds and the storage beds and you can choose one decent and cool one among them for you.

Daybed Style

 They are a modern and versatile bed style because they can be used in multiple ways. You can use them as beds, as a bench or as a sofa as well. The looks are very elegant and come in various shapes and sizes. They are mostly used for twin beds and are ideal for offices, living rooms, patios, etc.

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A wooden day bed with a trundle, showcasing different types of beds.


They are much similar to the daybeds and can also double as a couch. This is known as the traditional Japanese bedding technique and is specially designed for smaller rooms and apartments. You can easily fold it and can also place it anywhere in your house.


Waterbeds are the types of beds that are filled with water. Using waterbeds can have multiples of benefits. They can soothe sore muscles and are also used in physical therapies. The water within the beds is said to heal aching points and also relieve pressure.


The air beds are filled with air and can be used for regular uses at homes and also as pull-out couches. They are not designed to be taken for camping or traveling.

BookCase beds

 These bed designs are very much ideal for the ones who love reading and want to get into bed with a good book in hand. The frames of such beds have shelves to keep books so that you can easily switch to another book of your choice right after finishing one without getting off the bed. You can read your favorites one after another.

A bedroom with a bed and dresser.

Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are also known as pull-down beds or wall beds. These beds are ideal for the ones who have lesser space in their home and want to maximize their space. Murphy beds are stored up the wall and when needed can be pulled down. These beds also have storage spaces on the sides. You can add them to the studios and small homes.

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Box Spring Beds 

They are normal and traditional beds using a traditional box spring. The box springs help in relieving back pains.

Convertible Bed

Convertible beds can be used as both beds and sofa. You can place them in any room in your home and also as a sofa in your office.

Panel Beds

 Panel beds are designed to support the mattress and also the foundation of a mattress. The bottom is being made with wooden panels that help in the longevity of your mattress.

Sorting The Right Bed For You

Now, this is to be understood that you have to consider a lot of things while you choose a new bed. Follow this article to have an understanding of what type of bed you want for yourself and find the bed of your dreams.

Now next time you visit the market for a new bed, we hope you won’t be confused about what type of bed you want to choose for yourself. Follow this article for guidance and reference. After choosing a bed size and design you need to find the perfect mattress and beddings. All the best!

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