How is Commercial Solar Panel Installation Done?

A man is working on a solar panel.

There are a few steps in getting your commercial solar energy system installed. The first step is to assess your property to determine the best location for solar panels. This includes topographical, geological, and structural evaluations. The next step is to develop formal plans to design the solar system. These plans will show you the best arrangement of solar panels for your property. Then, you can choose where to mount the panels. It could be mounted on a roof or a carport.


Costs of commercial solar panel installation vary significantly depending on the type of solar panel and the amount of power required. For a 150-watt solar panel, the cost ranges from $112 to $450. In addition, the energy efficiency of the panel affects the price. A home solar system costs around $0.75 per watt while commercial systems cost up to $2.85 per watt. The installation costs are also affected by tax credits. The government’s incentives can make commercial solar power cost-effective for most companies and can pay for half of the cost within the first year.

The price of commercial solar panel installation depends on the size and location of the business. The average cost of a 25-kW system is $43,860 while that for a 100-kW commercial system is $52,113. A commercial solar system can pay for itself in three to seven years and provide a business with 25 to 35 years of free electricity.


Adding solar panels to a commercial building will not only save money but will also benefit the environment. A south-facing roof, which is often more stable than a north-facing one, is the best place for commercial solar panels. However, few commercial properties have a strong enough roof for this type of installation. Besides, installing solar panels is a great way to attract customers. These days, many consumers prefer to shop at green businesses. In addition, many workers would prefer to work for companies that are environmentally conscious. In addition, a solar panel installation can take as little as three to four weeks.

For businesses with standard energy use, installing a commercial solar panel system can make a big difference. Unlike electricity from the grid, the electricity generated by solar panels costs just five pence per kilowatt-hour (kWh). The cost of energy from grid-supplied electricity is as high as eleven to fifteen pence per unit. This means that the immediate savings on energy are more than enough to pay for the financing costs.


Before you sign a contract, it’s important to discuss the timeline with the installer. Unexpected delays can occur during the installation process, and knowing the timeline ahead of time can help you avoid them. It can also help you determine if the delays are unreasonable or unusual. The quicker the installation is completed, the sooner you’ll be able to start saving money.

The process begins with a physical evaluation of your facility. This involves verifying measurements, inspecting your building, and completing a preliminary design. Generally, this process takes between one to two weeks. The next phase involves the city approval process, which can take anywhere from two to eight weeks. The final stage involves obtaining the final documents.

Once you have received the final permit from your utility company, your installation is ready to be connected to the grid. The utility company will then install a new meter, which may require a new inspection. Once the utility company has given the go-ahead, your solar system will begin generating electricity.


Maintenance of commercial solar panel installation involves the ongoing inspection of the panels and the overall performance of the system. A technician will assess the overall efficiency and performance of the installation, inspect the framework and module clamps, and test the connection of the cabling and inverters to ensure proper operation. He or she will also check for the presence of latent defects that can cause massive energy loss.

Solar panel maintenance can be performed by both homeowners and professionals. However, if you do it yourself, you will have to be careful as it can void your warranty and cause additional damage. Make sure to clean your panels at least once a year to prevent a buildup from reducing their efficiency.

The average cost of maintenance for a solar panel depends on the problem and its location. In case of a serious problem, you may have to replace the unit. This can cost up to $15,000 or more. However, if you take good care of your solar panel, you can avoid any repair costs. Besides, a good maintenance plan will help you detect any problems early and repair them before they become expensive.

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