8 Moths Prevention and Eradication Tips

Adult moths on their own pose little to no threat to your living space. The danger, however is when these insects are growing, especially in their larva stage.

Moth larvae are notorious eaters. Eating fabric, bread, wood, and other household materials is a natural occurrence for them.

At this juncture, they become a nuisance, ruining your clothes, foods, and other materials.

Just so you know, you can easily avoid the growth of moths in your home. There are also things you can do if you already have an infestation on your hand.

How To Get Rid Of Moths In Your Living Space

1. Create a cedar-scented atmosphere in your home

Moths don’t like Cedar, more so in their growing stages. There are certain pheromones produced by Cedars that repel not only moths, but other menacing insects.

You can artificially create a cedar-scented atmosphere by using a diffuser or spray bottle filled with water-diluted Cedar oil.

2. Use sticky traps

You may already find this familiar. If you haven’t heard about it already, it’s no big deal. Sticky traps work by baiting pests, trapping them, and fixing them in a place.

To use sticky traps for moth eradication, use moth pheromones as bait. This will attract moths in the surroundings and stick them in place. After they’ve been stuck a while, they’ll eventually die off.

3. Vacuum your floors, carpets and closets regularly

Moths thrive in dark moldy spaces. So, when you vacuum your space and dust your clothes regularly, you are eradicating moths indirectly.

Ensure that you properly dispose of vacuum waste and wash dusting clothes immediately after use to prevent the growth and development of eggs and larvae.

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4. Freeze suspicious cloth or belonging

If you suspect that your cloth or belongings is infested or you notice moths’ trademark holes on them, freeze them for at least 24 hours to kill off any larvae or egg.

5. Enlist the service of pest exterminators

In extreme infestation cases, eradication and prevention techniques are simply not enough. 

If your situation falls in the extreme category, what you want to do is consult an exterminator for viable solutions.

How To Prevent Moths In Your Living Space

6. Wash your clothes and belongings before long term storage

Washing and sun-drying your personal effects ensure that any eggs or larvae in them are rinsed out and eliminated. 

This will ensure that they don’t hatch or wreak havoc on your clothes when you eventually store them.

7. Safeguard your clothes and belongings in airtight containers

Never expose materials like wool or suits without sealing them, especially if you don’t wear them regularly. The same applies to other effects you don’t plan to use for a while.

Sealed chests, plastic containers, and suitcases are excellent choices to safeguard your clothes and belongings.

8. Keep storage areas dry

Moths are drawn to enclosed, damp, and humid environments. Don’t store your clothes and belongings in basements, sheds, garages, and other enclosed spaces that are susceptible to weather changes. 

Using an indoor closet, room or attic is good storage practice.

If your space is seriously infested, you can  check out more detailed tips on ensuring a moth free lifestyle.

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