Amazing Benefits of Using Magnetic Fly Screens

A woman standing in front of a door with a magnetic screen door.

During the nights, there are so many mosquitoes that bother your sleep and making you sick. Instead of going for products like insecticides, scented candles, among other effective methods, you can choose to use the magnetic screen door. These screens are in high demand, and it isn’t that hard to understand why. Their construction makes it simple, durable, and easier to use, making it the best option in the market. The fly screen will save you from wasting resources on expensive products like the electronic mosquito zappers since it will effortlessly take care of any insect problem without fuss. These products also provide you with uninterrupted ventilation in your house.

Why Go For a Magnetic Fly Screen

Below are some of the advantages of using a magnetic fly screen:

  • No drilling of holes or use of screws is required during installation, meaning that you will not need to ruin your house’s paint. This is simple, especially on metal, stone, or structures made of concrete walls. 
  • Their design is simple for easier installation with no cumbersome parts.
  • They are faster and simple to remove; therefore, you can take them down at any time or install them again when needed. 
  • Magnetic fly screens are made of sub-par materials by companies. However, it is essential to find a company that designs its products sufficiently and in a durable way. These screens are stable, meaning they will not degrade even while in storage. 
  • Cleaning magnetic fly screens are easy to clean with just a sponge and water. They do not require any particular types of equipment to maintain.

Features of Magnetic Insect Screens for Windows

  • The screen made of fiberglass
  • Plastic frame that is highly flexible
  • Four corners
  • Glued magnetic stripes
  • 8mm profile depth for the shutters to fit
  • Fiberglass in anthracite is transparent, resistant to ultraviolet rays and weather conditions.

There are no areas for insects to get in since the simple magnetic window screens are entirely covered.

Reasons to Pick a Magnetic Fly Screen Door or Window in Your House

  1. The screens are streamlined, clean, small, meaning they will not take valuable space in your home, and they will not deter your outside view.
  2. The flexible PVC frame makes it easier to open and close the screen to access the window.
  3. Any window, including timber, steel, or PVC, can be installed with a magnetic fly screen.
  4. They provide easy access in and out of your house. You can move from the kitchen to your living room without any hurdle, and no force is applied in opening them or closing them. Just by touching it, you’re provided with access easily
  5. There is the free entry of fresh air, which is a healthy and stress-free life. The bugs are kept outside your room, protecting you from diseases like malaria and more.

It is crucial to find the right magnetic screen door which goes with your budget and needs. Choose the proper size and type according to your usage and measurements.

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