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Cool Architecture: The 7 Best Buildings in Mankind’s History

cool architecture buildings

Sample the many monuments you see around and you’ll agree that every civilization in human history had special talents and intelligence.

Inspired by different materials, objectives, styles, and old architectural influences, designers of the past and near past really attempted to prove that nothing is impossible.

cool architecture buildings

cool architecture buildings

Looking at some of the best structures in mankind’s history, it’s hard to rank one over the other (even if you wanted to) because every design is a wonder.

So is art timeless? And are we even more “civilized,” “modern,” or “intelligent” than ancient folks?

All the same, prepare for a journey back in time to witness some of the most incredible constructions in the world.

The World’s 7 Greatest Historical Buildings

cool architecture buildings

cool architecture buildings

In no particular order, discover seven cool architecture buildings structures of the past. Most of them still exist today so it would be best if you visited.

1. The Great Mosque of Djenné, Mali 

The Great Mosque of Djenné, Mali You may think that Africa is an unlikely place to begin our cool architecture buildings countdown until you set eyes on the mosque of Djenne in Mali.

This sun dried earth-brick and plaster structure has survived for centuries, against all the odds. It was originally built in the 1200s and has since enjoyed only a single touch of remodeling (done in the early 90s).

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Still, the people of Mali are proud of it that it appears in the nation’s court of arms. And to keep their treasure alive forever, the Djenne community hosts an annual festival to fix any cracks or damages.

2. The Great Pyramid, Egypt

The Great Pyramid, Egypt

A glance at the pyramids of Giza and you’ll be perplexed what ancient Egyptians were made of. It also explains why the Great Pyramid is one of the world’s seven wonders.

Completed in 2560 BC, the 481ft tall pyramid is the largest of all the constructions in the Giza complex, and was a record-holder for the tallest structure ever for over 3700 years.

3. Cathedral of Brasilia, Brazil

Cathedral of Brasilia

End elevation of Cathedral of Brasilia  Inside Cathedral of Brasilia

Designed and built in 1950s-70s by Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa, the cathedral of Brasilia still stands exquisitely in Brasil to date.

The two Marxist designers constructed this curvy cathedral (that resembles a crown) as deviation from the usual cubic structure.

Still, their works of rebellion is one of the best ever seen in the world, that it featured in this list of cool architecture buildings.

4. Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal, India

Love is a beautiful thing! Especially if it leads to a magnificent piece of art like the Taj Mahal.

Inspired by nothing but love and adoration for his other half, Emporor Shah Jahan commissioned the best architectures in India to a decade-long construction— which estimates at a whopping $830 million in today values.

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Taj Mahal, India

The stretch from its gates to the front door is a large empty space, a wide walkway with trees on the sidelines, and then comes the captivating exterior of the tall building.

Inside is a collection of jewelry and ancient Indian art and tombs of the Emperor and his wife.

5. The Dancing House, Prague

The Dancing House, Prague

Dancing House Architecture

Optical illusion is the secret to the Nationale-Nederlanden building, or as it is commonly known, The Dancing House.

The two architects; Vlado Milunić and Frank Gehry managed to achieve a sort of dancing structure using 99 different concrete panels. Each panel was cut to a unique dimensions and shape in order to achieve this swaying design.

And wow! The Dancing house is a marvel that the nation’s central bank included it in one of Czech Republic’s Gold coins.

6. The Forbidden City, China

The Forbidden City, China The Forbidden City, China

A chain of over 950 beautiful ancient wooden houses formed in the early 1400s still stand prominently in China. And surprisingly, these cool architecture buildings still attract nearly 40, 000 tourists a day.

Believed to be the home to the Ming and Qing empires, the Forbidden City is said to have served China’s administrative center for over 1000 years.

7. The Colosseum, Italy

The Colosseum, Italy The Colosseum, Italy

The Roman Empire’s classical architecture was powerful. One of its work was the Flavian Amphitheatre, which is probably the most ancient stadium ever.

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The Colosseum features volcanic rocks, brick-faced concrete, and travertine limestone to form a gigantic stadium that become significant to Rome.

The Flavian amphitheater hosted different events and ceremonies including games and executions.

There’s more to discover

cool architecture buildings

cool architecture buildings

These structures are amazing but there’s more cool architecture buildings to discover from ancient and modern designs. Dig deeper to learn about more structures like the Leaning tower of Pisa, The Saint’s Basil cathedral, The Kaaba, Hagia Sophia, and so on.



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