5 Bold Ways to Enliven Your Home

A living room with a vibrant yellow wall.

It happens.  You look around your home once the warm weather approaches and search for ways to brighten and refresh.  This time you want to make a bold change that adds interest and character to your home.  Here are five bold ways to enliven your home that will inspire you to make a change.

A kitchen with bold blue stools and vibrant orange pendant lights.
Orange light shades pop in this kitchen (freshome)
A living room with bold and colorful furniture.
Bright floral upholstery blooms to life in this room (champagnekaleidescope)
Bold accents
Bold colors enliven a space (interiordesignseminar)

Bold color is a surefire way to add life to a room.  Choose a color that you would not ordinarily select, but one that you can live with on a daily basis.  Paint one or all the walls.  Paint the stairs.  Paint one wall in a stripe.  Be creative and experiment with color.

A vibrant and bold purple hallway with a chic purple chair.
Play with bold colors (lushome)
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Modified Description: Transform your home with a vibrant living room featuring green walls.
Paint one wall a bold color (homedesignlover.net)
A boldly colored staircase with a bench.
For a bold change, paint the stairs in a bright color (oaxacaborn)
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Modified Description: Enliven your home with a bold home office featuring black and white striped walls.
Paint one wall in a stripe pattern to add pizazz to a room (teamodesign)

Display your collections.  If you have a collection, display it proudly.  Make a statement with unique objects or place collections in unexpected places.  Dedicate one wall to your collection and let it become the focal point of the room.

A living room with a vibrant yellow wall.
Display your collections in large groups on a wall (sustainablelivingnews)
A room with a piano, guitars, and a chandelier that enlivens your home.
Make your collection the focal point of the room (popsugar)

Unique furniture can add interest and character to a room.  Mix an acrylic chair or table with traditional pieces or paint a wood chest in a bright color.  Upholster a sofa in a bright fabric or select pieces that are unique and fun, such as multi-colored ottomans or a distinctly shaped table.

A bold pink couch brings life to a blue wall.
The blue wall offsets the pink sofa (freshome)
A living room with a bold hanging chair.
Fun, colorful ottomans add zip to this room (nytimes)
A living room with a bold, mobile coffee table.
Unique furniture pieces add a bold statement (popsugar)
A white couch in a bold living room.
Unique coffee table elevates this room (pinterest)

Bold art, whether it be a painting on canvas or a wall mural, makes a strong statement.  Mix a contemporary piece into a traditional room or go with a large mural on one wall.  Choose a piece of art that is vibrant and make it the focal point of a room.

A living room with a large painting on the wall that enlivens your home.
A contemporary painting enlivens this space (wakefielddesigncenter)
A living room with a colorful mural on the wall, enlivening your home.
A bold mural kicks life into this room (housetohome.co.uk)
A bold bedroom with a vibrant yellow flower mural on the wall.
A vibrant mural adds freshness to this room (homeandgardenblog)

Modernize antique furniture by reupholstering pieces in a modern vibrant stripe or floral.  Repeat the fabric with pillows or window treatments to quickly transform an entire room.

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5 Bold Ways to Enliven Your Home with a Colorful Striped Couch.
A vibrant modern stripe looks fresh on this Victorian sofa (bestlivingroomdesigns)
A blue upholstered chaise lounge in front of a painted wall.
A modern floral print adds character to this chaise lounge (telegraph.co.uk)

Color, collections, unique furniture, artwork and modernization are bold ways to enliven your home.  Experiment with color and pattern.  Bring out your collections for display.  Add a piece of unique furniture or refurbish an existing piece.  Display a colorful piece of artwork or a wall mural that becomes an instant focal point.  Bring antique furniture into this century with a vibrant bold fabric.  By making simple changes, you can achieve a fresher, bolder look in your home.


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