Here are a few pro tips for choosing the perfect awning!

A patio with an awning.

Houses are no longer as simple as they used to be a few decades back. With the advent of time and development of a stronger grip over technological advancement, humans have modified a simple house structure in every way possible to maximize the sense of protection and comfort. Every little thing you see in a building today have special task, and not just for the visual purpose only. The architects have carefully engineered all these little details to make a house into a personalised bespoke home. 

The buildings we see today and all its components have the purpose of protecting the structure and of course the inhabitants. Things like cladding and awnings not only makes a building look simply stunning but also render other important functionalities; protection mainly. Next time you plan to renovate your home, if you want your property to provide shade against sudden burst of rain or extreme heat, then you can consider aluminium awnings in Brisbane. Dunmoe Cladding Services is a local and trustworthy company located in Brisbane. They have expertise in commercial and residential cladding services covering Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba areas and Gold Coast. 

A white awning over a patio table.

  •   Tips on choosing the perfect awning:

If you are wondering what an awning is, well, it is a roof like structure that protrudes over a window or a door and provides shelter against rain or sun. Awnings can be either extremely simple or dramatic, depending upon your taste and preference. Also, they come in various shapes, colours and textures, and can render a completely new look to an otherwise not-so-interesting looking structure. Just like combustible cladding, awnings also protect the building, and are made up of a wide variety of materials — metal, acrylic, vinyl, aluminium etc. Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect awning: 

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o   Material: Since awnings are available in a wide range of materials, the first thing you should consider is which material to ultimately go for. Due to obvious reasons, not all materials have the same maintenance requirements. So the goal would be to choose the one that has low maintenance and the one which would enhance the look of your house and match with the surroundings. Aluminium and outdoor fabric are the two most common kinds of awning materials used for commercial and residential purposes. Even though the fabric comes in a wide range of colour options, it requires more maintenance than aluminium. The aluminium ones, on the other hand, are sturdy, but comes with limited options. 

o   Angle: While choosing and installing awning, one might not think about its angle, but it is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Awnings are not just for rendering style, but they have a very important job to perform, and wrong angles can ruin its functionality completely. If the window is east or west facing, the drop size should be 65% to 75% for best performance. While for a window facing south, it can be 40% to 65%, as the angle of the sun calls for less coverage. 

o   Side panels: Whether to ditch or to go for the side panels is a big decision. The presence of side panels completely alters the final look of the property and also the very essence of it. However, having side panels have architectural benefits. They provide more protection and shade from the sun or the rain by offering more coverage. 

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o   Style: The awnings come in different styles and each one of them is designed to suit a certain kind of building or a structure. Some of the popular styles include the dome style, waterfall, semi-circular style, quarter barrel, double bar standard style etc. 

These are a few tips on how to choose the perfect awning for your property. If you feel overwhelmed with the wide range of options, you can always seek help from the professionals. 

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