Get Government Help with Installing a Virtual Solar Power System

A virtual house equipped with a solar power system.

If you happen to be a South Australian homeowner, you can take advantage of a new government scheme that will allow you to install solar power in your home at a reduced cost. The South Australian Marshall government recognizes the need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuel-based energy, and are therefore offering huge subsidies to encourage SA homeowners to install solar power systems.

Specialist Manufacturers

This SA Home Battery Scheme offers the installation of a home battery in SA, along with the corresponding solar panels, and at present, the SA government will provide a subsidy of $6,000 per battery, which is an incredible saving. This is designed to encourage homeowners to make the switch to clean and renewable solar energy, and if you would like to know more about this scheme, a Google search will help put you in touch with the right company that is authorized to supply and install state of the art virtual solar power plants in residential homes in South Australia.

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Direct Subsidies & Low Interest Loans

The SA Home Battery Scheme involves a total amount of $100 million, which will be utilized to provide either direct subsidies, low interest loans, or a combination of both. The scheme was recently unveiled and the only requirements for the homeowner is that you purchase the solar power system from an approved company, who will supply & install the system in your home. One such company is Sonnen, who have heavily invested in setting up a home battery manufacturing plant in Adelaide, and they are one of the companies that are authorized to supply & install virtual solar power systems.

Ideal for Eco-Friendly Homeowners

If your home is in South Australia, and you would like to take advantage of clean and renewable energy, the government is happy to offer you a subsidy or a low interest loans to have solar panels and a home battery installed. Until now, solar panel and storage battery technology was relatively new, and like most innovative technologies, prices were very high, yet with a local government subsidy, you can afford to install a virtual solar power plant in your home that will eliminate the need for traditional forms of electricity.

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Online Solutions

If you would like to discover the potential that solar power offers, an online search will put you in touch with a specialist company that is involved in the South Australia Home Battery Scheme, and with their help you can take the first steps towards using clean and renewable solar power. They can also assist you with the application for the subsidy, which is provided by the South Australia Marshall government, who recognize the potential that solar power offers and are prepared to help financially with the installation in the form of a subsidy or a low interest loan, or both.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the eco-friendly SA homeowner to start using the clean, renewable energy that bathes our planet every day of the year.

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