How to Create Inspiring Designs With Kitchen Floor Mats

A kitchen with wine glasses.

Homeowners use the kitchen on a daily basis and therefore needs to be cleaned regularly. A kitchen area is a place at home that is often busy whether it’s for dishwashing, cooking, baking or eating. Visitors also stay in that area at times specifically during breakfast, lunch, and dinners.

It’s also a challenge to maintain the orderliness of the cookhouse area but you should not become lazy to do so. It’s an important thing to make sure that the kitchen looks presentable and clean! You can make the room look presentable and well decorated in an easy way. One of the best options is kitchen rugs for they are movable and easy to clean. Below are rug choices that you can use to decorate your kitchen:

Round Kitchen Rug

Round kitchen rugs are ideal for accentuating round kitchen tables. If you place a kitchen rug beneath the table set, it gives a nice and well-decorated look for the whole place.It is also great for larger and rectangular cookhouse areas. Place a round rug to create a different texture or shape besides the rectangular area. It helps to cover a huge empty space without actually covering the entire kitchen.

A round dining table and chairs in a kitchen.

Half-Round Rug

Also known as a semi-circle or a half moon rug, this kind is suited for the doorway areas. It provides both style and cleaning function for the kitchen area. How? If you place a half-round rug on the cookhouse door or entryway, you can use it to clean your feet before entering or exiting the room.

It contributes to the style of the room even in a small way. Choose a pattern or a print that is eye-catching enough for the rug to be recognized. Half-round rugs are easy to place on any corner that you want them to be and are easier to clean as well.

Remodelling a Small Kitchen

A green and white rug with a flower design perfect for the kitchen.Abstract Rug

Rugs are used for other purposes as well. Some people like to place abstract rugs on the wall as an art piece. It is indeed a great way to put an artwork without spending too much money. Abstract rugs are a great alternative from expensive paintings.

You can also place abstract rugs on the floor to give is a pump of color. If you do not want it to look too dirty, go for a darker color of rug to maintain its design longer.

A colorful tapestry.

Textured Rug

Choose a textured rug to give the kitchen area a unique sense of style. An example is a photo above; it creates volume and a different effect on the kitchen floor. You can choose different kinds of textured rugs depending on the theme of your kitchen.

Using the example as an inspiration; the texture imitates a pile of smooth stones. It complements the wooden floor of the kitchen to give it a natural feel.

A felt rock rug on a wooden kitchen floor.

Fiber Rug

A fiber rug is an ideal option for those who prefer a natural or environmental look. If you place a fiber rug in the kitchen area, it makes the place feel homey and cozy. Therefore, it makes the kitchen area a relaxing place to be in.

Fiber rugs are also a good option for those who like neutral colors. The color of a fiber rug is not bold enough to take over the whole area but just enough to give it a dash of color. It gives an earthy tone with the place and would be nice if it’s paired with some couple of plants.

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A tan area rug in a kitchen.


It doesn’t have to be expensive for you to decorate your kitchen. Good quality rugs will do the job! Experiment with shapes, patterns, textures, and sizes to find the right rug that suits your style. Not every rug should be in a square or rectangular shape, experiment and be wowed by the results!

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