Pet dangers Lurking in your Backyard

A white dog running in the grass, potentially encountering pet dangers.

Our pets are our best friends. Most of us couldn’t imagine our day without spending some quality time with our beloved little friends, taking our dog out for a walk or playing with our cats. However, as good friends and owners to our pets, we should also know that our love isn’t the only thing that our furry friends need; they also need us to take proper care of them. Feeding them regularly, taking them to the vet for a checkup, but in addition to all of this, providing a safe and fun environment for our pets to enjoy is essential. Dog owners will know this best, as dogs tend to spend a lot of time outside. So, be a diligent dog owner and a loyal friend by doing in accordance with the following tips and by making sure that your dog or dogs do not get influenced by some of the pet dangers that may be hiding in your backyard.  

Check your fence

Having a fence in your yard is definitely a good thing, as it is supposed to prevent the pets from escaping. Nevertheless, you should regularly check the fence for gaps or holes that may not be noticeable at first sight. In addition to this, you may want to dig about six inches below the fence to install a wire mesh, which will prevent the puppy from digging under and getting injured or escaping. 

Get flowers that are safe for dogs

Many beautiful flowers look stunning in your garden, but they may not be safe for your dog. Gorgeous tulips or azaleas can be toxic and cause diarrhea, vomiting, or even blindness. To avoid a terrible outcome, research which plants can be poisonous for dogs and consult a veterinarian to find which flowers you can grow and enjoy their beauty, without the plant representing potential harm to your pets. 

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Keep the fleas and worms away

You know how important it is to keep your puppy safe from parasites such as worms, ticks, and fleas. That is why you should protect your furry friends by giving them advantage flea treatment for dogs, as well as routinely cleaning dog houses, patios, decks, and all outside areas that fleas can inhabit. In addition, mow your lawn frequently, since ticks hang on to tall grass.  All of this will enable you to be completely carefree while playing with your pets in the garden, or when letting them explore the outside area by themselves, because you will know that they are secure.

A girl sits on a wooden bridge with a dog, unaware of potential pet dangers.

Protect them from the sun

The same as overexposure to the sun can harm people, it can also influence our pets and lead to weakness, confusion, and dehydration. However, this does not mean that you should forbid your puppy to enjoy some sun and the benefits of warm weather, as dogs also need some vitamin D. You only have to make sure that they have enough shade and fresh water to reach easily when they feel the need for a little break.

Be careful with pesticides and similar chemicals

Pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals that you may use for your lawn can be extremely harmful to your dog, considering that the exposure to some of these chemicals can significantly increase the risk of your puppy getting bladder cancer. Therefore, be cautious and keep your dog away from the backyard that has been treated with chemicals a day or two ago. In addition, contemplate on using natural insecticides and consult a veterinarian about how to use lawn chemicals so that they don’t harm your pets.

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Enclose swimming pools and garden ponds

Lastly, we should mention that although dogs love to have a refreshing dip into a swimming pool from time to time, they should only be allowed to swim on your watch. Your pet should be properly trained on how to enter, swim and exit the pool, and even then, a barrier should be around the swimming area, so that they can enjoy the water only when supervised. Additionally, a barrier is a necessity around a garden pond as well, as to keep your puppy away from entering it and swimming in it. Moreover, the puppy may drink the water from the pond, which could be dangerous if the pond water contains a certain type of harmful algae.  So, protect your furry friends from dangerous situations and install a fence around both pools and ponds. 

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