How to Create a Home Office Space in Your Basement that Encourages Productivity and Excellent Time Management

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With the increase in people working from home and taking advantage of flex hours, there has been a lot of focus on how to create home office spaces that encourage productivity and excellent time management. Just like in the office, your own home can also be filled with distractions, and if you don’t have the proper set-up in terms of equipment, storage, and working space, then you simply cannot be productive.

This is exactly why basement renovations are taking on a whole new life. Sure, renovating the basement can be great to give your home extra living space, but they also can give you the perfect location to set up a fully equipped home office. Here we’ll take a look at a variety of basement renovation tips and tricks that will ensure your home office space is exactly what you need.

Humidity Control Should be a Top Priority

One of the first things you’ll want to consider is how you will plan to control the humidity level in your basement. Hot air rises in the home, which is why your top floor is always warmer than the basement. What this means is that your basement is the coolest place, but it’s also the most humid. This isn’t exactly comfortable, nor is it good for the finishes to be in a humid environment at all times.

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A couple of ways you can deal with the humidity is to use a good quality dehumidifier unit, or to have a fireplace installed. Cutting back on the humidity will help lower the odds of mold forming.

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Ensuring There is Lots of Light

Your office space will also need adequate lighting, which can be easier said than done in a basement. Using pot lights can help to give off a lot of light without making the room feel closed in, plus you can also use task lighting such as floor and desk lamps. If you’re prepared to take on a bigger renovation project, then you can always think about having additional windows put in, or even a patio or sliding door to allow for lots of natural light.

Have a Washroom Put In

If you plan on spending many hours of the day in the basement in your home office, then it could be worth the time and investment to have a washroom included in the renovation project. This will save you from having to run up and down the stairs multiple times a day.

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Soundproofing Can be Wise

Obviously, you want your office space to be free of distractions, which also includes noise from the main floor. Soundproofing can help you achieve this. Specific soundproofing materials and practices will help cut back and even eliminate the noise all together. It works both ways too, as the people above you won’t have to listen to you speaking to clients and on conference calls all day.

Realize Your Productivity Potential

By following these tips, you’ll be able to create a space that gives you the privacy, and workspace you need to be productive. You can click here to learn more about how to carry out a basement renovation.

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