The Unique Architectural Style of a Glass House

A contemporary glass house.

Imagine living in a home where there is a view in every room, there is always an abundance of natural light and you feel as if you are living in the outdoors.  This is what it is like to live in a glass house.  Now, there is the figurative meaning of the words living in a glass house, but this is about literally living in a house made of glass.  Here are homes that will inspire you and give you a glimpse into life in a glass house.

A contemporary glass house illuminated at night.
A glowing example of a glass house (Huffington Post)
A contemporary glass house in a field.
A beautiful glass home (curbed)
A glass house sits on top of a hill overlooking the ocean.
A beautiful hill-side home (trendir)

Living in a glass house certainly has its challenges.  Privacy is a major issue unless the home is built on a lot hidden from major populated areas.  As for the interior, many glass homes have interior walls of traditional materials to provide selective barriers throughout.  These walls blend quite beautifully with the glass exterior walls.

Keywords: living room, fireplace.
Philip Johnson glass house
A contemporary glass house with a sleek staircase.
Interior of glass house (lushome)
A glass house with a fireplace.
Glass house interior (lushome)
A glass house with hardwood floors.
Beautiful light-filled glass house interior (archrecord-construction)

The glass house provides a good level of heat in the winter, given the solar capabilities of glass.  There is less need for traditional building materials, thus creating a structure that is economical and environmentally savvy.

A glass house with ocean views.
Glass house interior (interiortips)
A glass house with a pool.
Looking into a glass house (trendier)
A glass house with stairs.
Stunning glass house interior (John Allen Design)
A glass house with large windows.
A glass house with a light-filled peaceful view (Marvel Building)

The aesthetics are undeniable.  A glass house seen from the exterior is an impressive feat of architecture.  They are beautiful and blend in so well to their environment.  Imagine living life open while nestled in a wooded sanctuary, situated cliff-side in the mountains, or right on the beach.  The views are spectacular.

A glass house in the middle of the forest.
A glass house nestled in the woods (baansanruk.blogspot)
A glass house with large windows overlooking a forest.
A green view from a glass house (
A transparent house with mountains in the background.
A mountain-side glass house (lesliefineinteriors)
A glass house with a view of the ocean.
Waking to a stunning view in a glass house (toxel)

The glass house is unique and extraordinary.  Living in one has both advantages and disadvantages, but it definitely has a style like no other.  Views and light will always be available and yours will no doubt be the only house of its type in the neighborhood.

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