Penny Tile Bathroom: 8 Design Ideas for an Outstanding Result

A bathroom with penny tile flooring.

Penny tiles can be said to be a Jill of all trades. Used carefully, pennies can fit well into many of your rooms, such as the kitchen, bathroom, hallways, etc. And when installed, they often bring beautiful eye-catching results and unmatched functionality.

A white-tiled bathroom with a white sink.

Penny tiles are particularly a master on walls and floors. That means you can never go wrong regardless of where you choose to install yours. You’ll not only love pennies for their shine, and design, but also for the utility, variety, and flexibility.

A bathroom with a sink and a penny tile floor.

The Many Pros of Penny Tiles

A bathroom with pink penny tile walls.

Many penny tiles are round, of course, because they borrow their name from the penny coin. But design experts have come up with other shapes so you can get hexagon styles and so on.

A penny tile bathroom with two sinks and two mirrors.

These tiles are a smart pick for your bathroom because;

  1. They are non-slip, even when wet
  2. Flexible enough and can fit into your round or curvy walls or surfaces
  3. Durable for long-lasting functionality and good looks
  4. They require little maintenance
  5. They are water-resistant which is why they are great for your bathroom

A bathroom with a penny tile bathtub.

If you like, you can use them as the dominating backdrop for your bathroom walls or mix two (or even a rainbow of) colors to get the perfect blend. You’ll also love how they harmonize well with other tiles, and your many options when it comes to penny tiling your bathing space.

A penny tile bathroom with a black and white checkered floor.

Lastly, you never run out of options when it comes to penny tile materials. You can choose anything from ceramic to metallic, glass, and marble.

Decorating with Blue and White

A person standing on a penny tile floor.

Penny Tile Bathroom Project Ideas

Ready to go? Here are some ideas for your penny tile bathroom project.

1. Bathroom walls

A penny tile bathroom with a glass shower.

One standard that never disappoints is adding penny tiles to your bathroom walls. Again, you can experiment with the various shades, materials, etc. when penny-tiling a shower wall. Mix and match colors, blend with other tiles, do strips with different colors, and so on.

A white bathroom with penny tile flooring and a window.

2. Penny tiles on a protruding surfaces 

Another way to make your penny tiles even more appealing to the eye is to install them on protruding surfaces. Try unusual areas like on your bathroom stair, the edge of a protruding countertop, or any other raised area that will make your penny tiles irresistible to the eye.

3. Go Green

A kitchen with a green and blue tiled backsplash.

If you are after one uniform theme color, then a lively shade like pea green does a good job dominating your bathing space without looking awkward.

4. Go Metallic 

A white tiled penny tile bathroom with a shelf and lemons.

Metallic penny tiles don’t sound beautiful until you set eyes on one and fall in love with the luxury and class they add to bathrooms.

If you like, you can use metal as the main theme for your penny tile bathroom or add touches of metallic pennies to complement your design.

5. Reflective penny tiles

A bathroom with a window.

Mirrored penny tiles can also add shine and looks to any bathing space. Apart from the element of attractiveness, reflective surfaces can also maximize the lighting in your bathing space.

6. Streaked or striped penny-tiling

A penny tile bathroom with a white tile floor and a toilet.

Mix white and black, white and blue, or any other blend of stripes that harmonizes with the theme in your bathroom.

5 Important Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying Bathroom Floor Tiles

You can do this yourself because it requires little to no skill. Simply arrange your chosen color in straight stripes to get what you want.

7. All-Black Penny tiles

A penny tile bathroom with a potted plant.

White penny tiles are luxurious, but black penny tiles add a warm and cozy feeling to a room. You can let black reign if you have enough space in your bathroom or add touches of black pennies for a small room.

Alternatively, you can still go all-black and do thorough lighting to maintain a bright bathing area regardless of your space.

A blue penny tiled bathroom with a toilet and sink.

8. Red & Orange Penny tiles

Red or orange is definitely not the colors that come to mind in a penny tile discussion. But red penny tiles are classy and can bring in the red-carpet warmth to your bathing area.

A penny tile bathroom with a red and white tiled floor.

Orange tiles also add a taste of unique elegance to a bathroom. Think of it; who paints their bathroom orange?

Installing Penny tiles

Two pictures of a penny tile bathroom with a shower and toilet.

Well, it’s also motivating to learn that that installing these tiles are so simple; you can do it yourself. They come in sheets or reasonably-sized squares for easy installation.

Doing your tiling alone is the right move if you are after a personalized look. All the best with your penny tile bathroom!


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