DIY: 5 Steps for Resetting Your Water Heater

A man repairing a water heater.

If you wake up today and find out that your heater is not working, what should you do? The first thing that comes to your mind is calling your Sydney hot water service provider. However, what should happen when it is late, and you want to heat water? 

There are various methods that you can do to make your water heater work again. One of the methods is to reset your water heater and solve the problem. 

In this article, we shall show you how to reset your water heater. However, to do that, you need to locate the reset button, and the process is simple. 

Here is the process to follow: 

1. Open the Water Heater 

The first step is to disconnect your heater from the electricity. You should never tamper with one still powered on. So, before you begin to open the water heater, identify where it is plugged into the wall – where you will remove the connection from the wall socket or turn it off. 

Most likely, the heater is plugged into your wall with a cable. So, in this condition, you need to unscrew the cable or shut off the electric power if there is a knob near it. 

If the water heater is wired directly, then turn it off at your breaker box. 

2. Remove the Cover Plates 

The next step; remove the cover plate. At the bottom of your water heater, there is a metal plate held with a screw. You can easily spot it. Use a screwdriver and unscrew all the screws and then lift the plate off using your hands. 

Most water heaters come with a second cover plate, and you can find it near the top. Under this plate is where the reset button is located. 

3. Remove the Insulation Pad 

Inside the heater, you will find an insulation pad. The pad will conceal the buttons that can access the reset heater. Pull the pad out and set it aside. 

4. Press Reset Button 

Locate where the red reset button is at the center of your control panel. For some cases, the button will be labeled reset button.

To reset the water heater, press that button firmly. Sometimes, this button will be sticky; you have not reset your water heater for a while. Fixed Today Plumbing Sydney suggests you press firmly using your fingers and push inward to reset the button until you hear the click noise. 

Nevertheless, if you don’t have a water heater and want to install one, you can find ways to build a water heater

5. Reassemble the Water Heater

After you have reset your water heater, put your insulation pad back. Use your hands and put them back in the heater where you removed them earlier. 

Put the door back cover and screw it back. When done, power back on. The water should run as usual, but Fixed Today Plumbing Sydney recommends you seek professional help when it doesn’t work. 

The Bottom Line 

The above procedure is a simple method to reset your water heater. If it doesn’t work, Fixed Today Plumbing Sydney offers you repairs services. Hire a reliable professional to repair your water heater. 

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