Why Should You Opt For Touchless Water Dispensers During COVID

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The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our lives considerably and has forced us to think of contactless solutions more than ever. Water is the sustainer of all lives, but unfortunately, the primary source of contamination. As coronavirus spreads through touch, you can consider a touchless water cooler as a viable alternative.

Contactless dispensers allow you to drink water without touching the taps or buttons, which prevents the spread of contagious germs. There are varieties of contactless water coolers available from top-selling brands that will help you stay safe and healthy. Thanks to Water2Water water coolers for their expert advice while doing research for this article.

What Is Touchless Filtration?

Touchless dispensers are essentially hands-free water coolers applicable to bottled systems. It allows you to fill your cuppa without touching the surface of a water cooler.

It is perhaps one of the best hygienic ways that eliminate contamination and minimizes infection from Sars COVID germs. That’s why touchless dispensers are becoming an invaluable component for offices during this pandemic. Of course, you can also take it at schools, hospitals, or any other place frequented by many people.

Types Of Touchless Water Dispensers

Technology has taken rapid strides, and you will find several models of touchless water coolers that will cater to your requirement.

Foot Pedal Water Dispensers

There are two types of foot pedal dispensers available:

  1. A single-foot pedal water cooler activates water flow on a contactless device. It comes with a single preset temperature which can be adjusted on the machine.
  2. A dual pedal dispenser comes with two pedals; one for activating hot water and another for cold water.

You can integrate the two types with any water cooling unit at your home or office. Some pedal systems also come with timer safety features and plug-in integration with an existing water cooler.

PSD Or Position-Sensitive Detector Water Coolers

PSD water coolers allow hot and cold water delivery through their sensors. You would only need to move your finger over the sensors and select what you want. The sensors activate once they come in contact with your fingers. You can install this solution on your existing bottle-less dispensers.

App Or QR Code Water Coolers

Research is working to build water dispensers that will activate via QR code or from your smartphone. It will dispense water when a user scans the QR code that appears on the interface. It will, however, require a stable internet connection to activate the touchless device.

Paddle Water Cooler

Paddle Water cooler is another great semi-touchless option during the pandemic. A user needs to press the paddles with the side of their cup to release the water. However, it’s not the most sanitary option because you never know whether the paddle is germ-free.

Fully Touchless Water Coolers

This type of hands-free device works like a PSD, but the sensors are housed inside the refill zone. When you place your cup inside the refill zone, the sensors will activate, and the water will start to flow. Many touchless water coolers also come with anti-microbial surfaces, oxygen cleaning technology, and a high-end dip tray for dispensing large bottles.

Advantages Of Contactless Dispensing

Apart from the advantages of contactless dispensing during coronavirus, there are other specialties of these filtration systems.

  • Minimizes the spread of harmful germs through contact
  • Aids in cleaning and maintenance
  • Eliminates the need for storage
  • Reduces the frequency of filter changes
  • Reduces carbon footprint to a large extent
  • Touchless dispensers are durable and last for a long time
  • It makes it easier to access drinking water for people with disabilities

Installing a contactless water cooler is the safest option during this pandemic. They’re quick to install and cost effective. If you are thinking about getting one for your home or office, contact a certified technician to understand the details.

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