Best Pieces of Advice on Renting Apartments in Texas

Two people holding keys to a rented house in their hands.

Texas is one of the fastest-growing states, and thousands of people are moving there every year since it offers a great combination of highly affordable living and employment opportunities. Relocating to Texas also offers tax-free income, diverse cities, and vast cuisine. These may be just some of the great benefits that people need to relocate and start a new life there. But, as hunting for an apartment may be an exciting experience, especially if it’s your first time, remember that it can be quite overwhelming.

You must think carefully about the location, budget, and other things important for finding the right place for you. Below are a few things you should pay attention to when looking for a rental in Texas.

Determine the location based on budget

Texas has many great cities and suburbs one can comfortably live in, so you must determine what place suits your lifestyle best. Some prefer living in suburban cities since they’re not too crowded yet close to big cities like Dallas, Austin, and others. Smaller towns like Mesquite, Lewisville, and others are some of the best if you decide to move with your family since they offer a good education system, affordable living, and natural attractions.

Keep in mind that you should set aside 30-35% of your income on rent. If you have a tighter budget, consider looking for a place a bit away from the city. For example, if you’re looking for apartments near Mesquite TX think about the price, neighborhood, and whether it suits your lifestyle. Also, look for other important things like amenities and whether utilities are part of the rent or you have to pay for them separately.

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Applying for an apartment

Tenants should remember that leasing agents and landlords are salespeople selling a product. Most people in the rental housing industry are reputable, and many landlords are nice but that’s not always the case. You should always be a cautious and aware consumer to find a rental unit that’s good for you.

One of the best ways to win over a prospective landlord is to be prepared, meaning you should bring important documents to get a competitive edge over other applicants. A completed rental application, written references from other landlords, and a current copy of your credit report are just some of the things you should bring when applying for a rental.

Talk to the landlord about important issues

Before deciding on an apartment, it’s only right that you visit, explore, and ask your potential landlord a few important questions about the apartment itself, utilities, amenities, and other important things. Be very clear about things like penalties for late rent, or what would happen if you break the lease for any reason including a job transfer, or a medical emergency.

Also, don’t forget to ask about utilities and other fees you’re obligated to pay, and the start and end of the lease term and policy regarding renewal. Prepare a list of questions that are essential and don’t feel uncomfortable asking. You might also want to ask about the actual rental rate that’s due each month and on what date, and how to request maintenance when needed. Search the web or ask someone that’s already experienced living in a rental to give you advice on asking about other important issues.

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Repairs and renters’ insurance

Know your rights for living in a habitable rental unit, meaning landlords are required to offer their tenants good living conditions including water, heat, electricity, as well as sanitary, and structurally safe premises. If the unit is not in good condition, you can withhold a portion of the rent for paying for repairs, or you can call the building inspector, and move out without liability for future rent.

To protect yourself from various dangers, you should purchase a renters’ insurance policy since the landlord’s insurance won’t cover your losses due to damage or theft. The average renters’ insurance cost in Texas is around $197 yearly or $16 monthly. Depending on which city you move to, these prices can vary. Note that it’s always good to be protected no matter the cause.

A rental room undergoes renovation to include a window and a radiator.

In closing

There are many other important things one must consider when renting an apartment among which includes reviewing the lease and protecting your privacy. Don’t forget to carefully review all the conditions before you sign the lease since it may contain a provision you find unacceptable, for example, restrictions on pets, guests, or running a home business. Once you’re prepared it’s time to plan the next chapter of your life.    

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